A Vietnamese Date @ House of Hoi An @ Saturday, July 29, 2017

Thursday 6th July
Charlie & Co. dined as guests.

House of Hoi An is a restaurant as part of the Taste Vietnam restaurants and hotels mainly in Vietnam itself in Hoi An (a UNESCO World Heritage and popular tourist attraction), created by internationally renowned Vietnamese chef and restaurateur, Ms Trinh Diem Vy.

Ms Vy is a third generation cook whose focuses on family-style gourmet Vietnamese, regarded as one of the healthiest cuisines in the world. Vietnamese cuisine unique in the way that it places strong emphasis on the balance and harmony of flavours and textures. And one of our favourite cuisines!

Located off Chapel St, Windsor end House of Hoi An is hidden gem when it comes to Vietnamese food! Finally a lovely dates-worthy Vietnamese restaurant we could take the in-laws to! With lanterns out front, a warm atmosphere and lovely service you're in for a treat.

With warm lighting from the glow of lanterns, candles in lotus holders, and the almost spanishy guitar, it was a lovely Tuesday night. With laughter and chatter filled the restaurant at 8pm.

On arrival we were offered a shot cute glass of tea, which mother loved! Note - Mother does not love anything, so for something to impress her it has to be remarkable, this is a woman who only uses French brands when it comes to fashion and beauty.   

Vietnamese 5 Spice Tea  - The signature housemade tea, made daily containing warmer days, it's a hug on the side, with cinnamon, lemongrass and ginger house. Very fragrant, lightly sweetened cinnamonny tea. We've never had a tea like this one before! I'm not a tea person and I liked it, while mother ordered a pot. 

I had the Coconut water, this is the cocobelle like one rather than sweet asian ones in a plastic can-ish container. Which was unexpected though the diners here are more the local crowd than the type you'd see at Vietnamese eateries. Dates and events worthy, this is the place for a birthday dinner. 

Roll your own’ ~ Shrimp Mousse on Sugarcane (2 pieces)

A popular, traditional Southern dish available throughout Vietnam, made from local marinated shrimp, wrapped around thin pieces of sugar-cane, grilled and served with rice paper, rice noodles, fresh herbs, sweet and sour dipping sauce. 

Shrimp mousse on sugarcane. A fun hands on dish with peppered prawn mince wrapped around sugar cane (yes you can chew on this after to draw out the juices), vermicelli, peanuts, lettuce and mint with fish sauce. Fresh, fun and fabulous! We just love mint in a salad! Definitely recommended.

Pomelo Salad with Chicken             

Pomelo segments, shrimp, sliced onions, sesame, roasted peanuts, 
mixed with pulled chicken, tossed in with coconut dressing.  

As Americans we tend to eat a lot of "sometimes food" more than just sometimes and so I love the contrast of a fresh salad! Flavours, textures, colours this one dish has it all! Textures - crunchy peanuts with marinated chicken with an unexpected pomelo/grapefruit with a salad. Quite rare. This is the best salad I've had in a long time! With a light creamy coconut dressing , all the fresh authentic flavours of Vietnamese cuisine, I'm adding this awesome salad to my top 5 list!

Mother quite liked it too though suggested that the prawns be marinated too or tossed lightly in salt and pepper. Can't wait to return for this salad!!

BBQ Chicken and Lime Leaf (Ga Nuong La Chan) 

Chicken thigh BBQ with lime leaf and herbs served with rice and salad. 

The skewers smell amazing! Juicy tender chicken breast marinade of lemongrass, honey and oyster sauce to name a few ingredients, it had the perfect balance of flavours. Paired with coleslaw with a hint of chili cut through the meatiness and rice. It was perfect.

Eggplant Clay Pot with Mince Pork and Spring Onion Sauce 

Eggplant pan seared with chili, garlic, spring onions, 
soy and fish sauce topped with sautéed pork mince.  

Soft melt in your mouth eggplant. I loved the scent of the fragrant fried onion infused oil! Spring onion garnished the dish adding that fresh green contrast, and the lightly seasoned mince complimented the mince. 

I feel like this could be a dish on its own, as well as a side, served with say, the chicken without the rice, though needs a bit more salt (served with fish sauce). This would be your vegetable based dish, though I'd still recommend getting a salad.

Crème Caramel / Kem Flan  

The Vietnamese were taught to make this slightly sweet, 
silky dessert by the French with sweetened condensed milk. 

A french classic with a twist, being served in a coffee and coconut cream. Not too sweet said mother, though being American I think it could have had a sweeter syrup. :P

Everything is beautifully presented, bring your camera and your in laws! Probably not both of the same time though :P The prices are higher than other Vietnamese places, and so it's a special occasion kinda place.

Mother's wants to return for a birthday, and shall recommend this place to her friends. This is coming from someone who doesn't believe in dining out. She has never liked any place we've dined at before.

Everything was delicious, that salad though was the highlight of the night. 
A return is due soon! For a special occasion.

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