All-You-Can-Eat Friday Lunch @ D'Tandoor @ Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Friday 19th May

When it comes to cheap eats Indian is often the cuisine to go for, full of herbs and spices it's always a good deal - in a set. Especially for lunch! In the next town over on Fridays D'Tandoor does an All-You-Can-Eat Lunch for just $13.50! On the same block at Glenferrie Station and close to the student town of Swinburne. Where there are students, there are cheap eats. 

Arriving at noon we were the second person there for lunch, and was directed upstairs to the much nicer space. This is the room upstairs. ^ We'd return to dine downstairs another time.

Papadums & Salad

Four Curries - Two Meat & Two Veg.

Pictured - Butter Chicken -Chicken pieces roasted in tandoor, 
simmered in tomato and cashew nut base sauces.

Goat Curry - Cooked with roasted spices, tomatoes and onions.

Vegetable Dansk - Seasoned vegetable cooked in thick gravy and black lentils

Zeera Aaloo - Potato wedges cooked with cumin seed in thick gravy.

Four Curries (Two Meat & Two Veg). + Rice/Naan + Papadums + Salad

Labels would have been nice to know what's what without tasting it

Butter Chicken - A bit sweet though not as sweet as jasmine on Bridge Rd (that was awesome). Perfectly tender chicken. I like it but don't love it.

Goat Curry - Also tender, not too salty, spices remind me of that lentil dish I had once at camp curry, but not as spicy.

Zeera Aaloo - Potato was a spicy! I'm weak I know... it does burn. Fortunately there's a yoghurt raita. As dairy not water counters spiciness.

Vegetable Dansk - Spicy veggies, but just a little.

$13.50 all you can eat is served upstairs, and there's four dishes. Chicken, goat, lentils and veg. With rice, naan, salad and white sauce. I would have thought they'd have samosas too.

A great deal, especially if you're a bottomless pit. Though it's how much you'd normally pay for just the main minus naan/rice so a good deal either way.

Service was very friendly and fresh naan was refreshed often. 
At 12.30 upstairs was about 80% full.

Yes we'll be back if we're in town on a Friday. 

Located opposite town hall in Glenferrie, there's limited parking but it's near the station and trams. 

Monday 26th June

We're back! There's a dish my favourite neighbour highly recommended that we're here to try tonight. It's not on the lunch menu or on offer in any set, so dinner it is. I'm still amazed that we're pretty much just down the street (by car) and she still orders delivery...

An early 5pm dinner, we've got 45mins max before heading off to the music hall. It's much nicer upstairs but that area isn't open, so we'll have to live with the fluorescent lighting and mirror wall.

There are actually cheap/er combo deals 'thalis' that are $10/13. There's 7 choices over at the bain marie. Located near Swinburne this place is popular. The local Indian place of this area perhaps. I wouldn't know as I wasn't around long enough. I've never seen a cheaper place than Curry Camp in Camberwell though, that's our "local" one though I move too fast to have local things.

Options. Perhaps next time when we're craving but it's not a Friday lunch.

Malai Kofta $13.50 + Naan $3 + Rice $4 = $21
Homemade cottage cheese and potato dumplings in cashew nut sauce 

Very mild please, and it was a bit hotter but just fine. Two logs of potato and paneer, deep fried, coated with malai (a cream used in Indian food) and then added into the cashew nut sauce.

It's familiar but new. With naan it was an entree, so I ordered rice too, 
it was good and full of flavour (real ones from spices and herbs) but not amazing. 

I still love my butter chicken and paneer butter malsa, which I think uses the same sauce.
$21. Service was friendly and minimal.

We'll be sure to drop by for lunch if in town on a Friday!

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