Monday 19th June

There's a french cafe I've always wanted to stop by, though never have. And now I recall why: I don't feel comfortable shopping at places where you'll find out how much it is at the checkout.

The macaron was bad. Crunchy top, hard and hollow. I've had better ones from the supermarket. Fortunately the Eclair was perfect! So are the potato cakes near the crossing when it's peak hour.

To the lake we went, for lunch. Bad idea. For we were attacked! By a swooping magpie!


Brunching at Poacher & Hound. Dunkka eggs on toast. It was good though a bit much and repetitive for one, perhaps get it to share if you must. Slightly above average though I felt that it was missing something. 

Dinner on the go from Sauced but on Chapel St, beside the new meatballs restaurant.

There's that familiar but strange blue lighting which doesn't seem very inviting.
We had the spicy lentil with penne, for a pasta bar it seems very odd to me that they only have three types of pasta.

It was indeed spicy! As in the apple juice wasn't enough and I ordered a shot of milk at the bar. Too hot for me! And to me that also seems like a good way to have a basic flavour dominate rather than multiple layers and lots of herbs.

Hello Dolly! Another week another arts festival. This week it's the cabaret festival! A preview of some of the headliners we can't wait to see them in full! Tbh I haven't really heard about most of these characters or know to much. But that duck show does look hilarious. Opening Night at the Cabaret Festival.  


Lunch at Rococo towards the end if Glenferrie, the furthest we've been on this road.

Over to the red house good will. Prices have gone up on clothing, we found a cheap looking wear twice evening dress for $100! Normally only wedding dresses are at that price.

$2 books were what we were here for and we found a snail mail book on my list. I love books about the old world, how things used to be. From making preserves to the almost lost art of letter writing.

Funny thing someone asked me to write him a letter about our adventures/journey together as he's moving to b..ham . I think he might have seen the book. I have no idea what to write... for I have very little recollection of him, since we had a big fight a while ago.

Some people are relentless. No. 4 spotted me at the station and latched on. She has asked me over and over again if she can come with me. Uhh where to? Just out of the house she says. But don't you have your own life? Apparently not.
How to get rid of someone fast? Get freaky! 

Meetings over matcha latte $4.50, it wasn't very strong but fine. It's matcha flavoured milk. But good matcha is $$. I like them but reckon they're overrated unlike cronuts! $7.50. Coffee, quite strong, with cocopops on top. This serves at least two. I ate it layer by layer and was slipping away into a food coma towards the end.

We barely had time for a nap before heading to the theatre for a show or two.


Pizza at Double Zero on the main street at 2.15pm they were about to close, lunch starts at 11.30am. We had some huge slices of pizza $5 each served very hot, steaming. Thin base as almost all pizzas are, they were very good, not too dry or hard. Saucy toppings the mushroom one was the one I preferred. 

When the lighting and mood of a restaurant reminds you of juvie XD
This place is huge! And empty at 6pm, the location seems to be a secret...

P.S. I was a prefect. I have never been to juvie.

A quick dinner on the way to the theatre.


We rarely go to Chadstone as we're based in the city, till we were told we're converting to the iPhone which is harder to use and prefers a lighter palette rather than being customized easily. It's a typical girl who likes to wear white and have white airy minimalist flatlays. I'm not that girl. 

The upside was that Scroll lives at Chadstone! At $9 a cup this is a once in a while thing, the cost of living is high... as desserts these days are closer to $10 rather than  $5. I think everything was cheaper back home...

Mother had the matcha which wasn't as sweet as my cookies and cream. No complaints from her which is rare.

Taco Bill - Quesadilla Delgada $12
Beef with [minimal] mushroom, melted cheese and [watery] salsa

What a joke! Taco Bill has really bad reviews, how are they still open? Lured by Liven we had a beef, cheese and mushroom qusadilla a $12 snack. It was average and lacked spices, tastes like something I made and that ain't a compliment when it comes to savory food. The salsa was more like soup, so watered down.
Service was fine, he was disappointed I bought an entree rather than $22+ overpriced main.


An hour wait between buses and more time spent lost either due to my lack of an ability to read a map, I couldn't find where I was, or the gps failed. We spent all the time traveling 10.30 till 12.15 wow it took me 2hrs almost to get here.

Ashy's Afghanistan Food. The chicken was delicious! The lamb chewy...

The chicken was amazing and we can't wait to return! We haven't had chicken this awesome since bio guy made that chicken pasta that's still in the freezer.

Service was very friendly and quick.

I wanted to go to a brooch party but no I had to go to a life skills workshop. It took me almost 2hrs to get here, because weekends and buses suck! I spent more time getting to lunch then having lunch (could be me, could be the gps) and then the workshop gets canceled!! .
An email was sent out this morning but I'd already left by then. This is not my day. What am I meant to do for the rest of the afternoon?! Spend another 2hrs going home?

I guess since we're here we'll explore the three goodwills, 
not go to the park (magpies), stop by a bakery then continue on with our day.

NRQ stale cookies. Drinks were fine. I'm going to say don't shop here. A real reject shop.

Chicago, all the sequins, black lingerie, razzle dazzle was fabulous!
We saw this show not once but twice! Loved it.


Lindt with Freud, we overdosed and even at two hours later I do not feel good. A mouse slice with a sponge layer and a caramel one with a crunchy nut wafer. The macaron was perfect! $3 these days. The hot chocolates were just as I remember, though we had the large size!

A trip to the recital center for solos, surprisingly only one piano act. When it comes to choosing a classic it may seem like an easy note though it's a trap in that everyone knows every note.

Down to the chapel for Motown, which I really liked, including some songs I actually know. I definitely know why people, young people like pop more, it's exciting and flashy. But will it stand the test of time?

Dinner at Laksa King, wonton'ish dumpling noodle soup. A basic classic, could be interpreted as bland without the sambal. But I like it and it's exactly what I needed after a week or rather almost month of dining out daily.

Damn 1.5% card fee, $14.21

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