Tuesday 4th July

Gru Thai has been on our list for a while, as we bought a deal through Groupon. I feel like it could be one of those places that's kept alive through Groupon.

Located on the main street in South Melb it was easy to get to, via a Collins St tram past Crown or the rare no.1 tram we took from Flinders.  

It's cold out there but lovely in here! A warmly lit cozy space, it 90% full, unexpectedly so for a Tuesday said the waitress, explaining why they were understaffed. With one waitress and three chefs on tonight. 

We chose not to sit on the floor, but you can for the complete experience.

Chicken Satay (3 Pcs) (GF) $8

Marinated chicken skewer topped with peanut sauce

I love skewers (not the supermarket ones, they use low quality meat and are awful) and these were pretty good, though Okra still has the best ones. Served with a thick peanut sauce that was good enough to have on its own. But why are skewers always expensive? :(

Golden Bag (4 Pcs) $10

Crispy pastry money bag stuffed with delicious marinated prawn

Katherine had the money bags, which were pretty good and nothing like the supermarket ones, though the prawn still had the shell, which we didn't like. It came with fish sauce. 

Thai Milk Tea $5.00

Sweet and perfect, I loved it! Considered getting another but considering that entrees arrived and they needed reminders about drinks, nope. One of the best milk teas I've had, the recipe is behind the bar, but I can't read thai. The waitress said the secret is full cream milk and condense milk, but surely its got to be more than that? Bangpop uses a syrup, perhaps it's  Dulce le Leche aka crock pot condense milk that my class talks about.

Drinks arrived after asking for them a couple times and just before mains. 

Papaya Salad $16

Shredded green papaya with carrot dried shrimp, garlic, 
chilli, tomato and peanut seasoned with Thai dressing

I ordered the salad, as I had noodles and deep fried chicken for lunch. But boy was that a mistake. I'd ordered the papaya salad after my great experience at Bangpop, but it was completely different here. 

It was waaaaaaaay too hot for me, though only had one chili rating. Katherinelaughed and said standard level of heat, a bit mild for thai. She absolutely loves thai food while I can say I love Bangpop & Tom Yum Restaurant. 

Massamun Curry $17 ($20 with Rice)

Massamun curry , simmered in coconut milk with sweet potatoes onion and topped 
with roasted cashew nut choices of chicken or lamb + w steamed jasmine rice $3

A little spicy, but just right with a good balance of coconut milk. The lamb was a bit fatty and could have been softer. We both enjoyed this dish.  Not sure if I'd get it again though. 

Tub Tim Grob $7

Tapioca coated water chestnuts in an aromatic syrup with fresh coconut milk

Soft jelly outside, crunchy inside. In a coconut milk  x rosewater. I'd love this as a drink! The water chestnuts were interesting though after a couple we decided they were too foreign :P

Where does fresh coconut milkcome from? Unless you juice that coconut yourself, it comes in a can. 

Roti Bread with Banana & Vanilla Ice Cream $11

Savory! Needs more salted c or nutella. It had just caramel and not enough. Banana in desserts tends to be savory in comparison to the sweet stuff, you need to do more with it.

Oh how we regretted not getting the deep fried banana, one of my favourite desserts if you use lady fingers. 

Well looks like we'll be back! 

They have a mini shop where you can buy Thai snacks! The ingredients were expensive though... things like coconut milk and lychees in a can, cheaper at asian shops (not in the city).

The bill came to $64 + wine though through groupon we paid $20pp for a three course meal and drink. It was good thai but nothing amazing except for the milk tea.

Service was friendly but slooow, unexpectedly busy with three in the kitchen and one waitress, but they did very well.

Will we be back? Yes, as they offer you $20 on your next spend if you give them a review, which I'm doing right now :P

Recommenced? Not particularly, maybe if you had a groupon.

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