Phlies @ Phancy Cafe @ Monday, July 10, 2017

Saturday 17th June

This is the post that was a speed up or rather wall for me, and the reason why I'm so behind. Because sometimes things go wrong and scar you for possibly years.

Someone gave me a muffin a month after this ordeal, and I pretty much had to put it through a sieve before I could eat it. Read with caution.

Oh that's an interesting landmark. A Saturday lunch at Phancy Cafe, personally not fond of unique/modern spellings, but given that the owner's name is Phan this is an exception *shrugs*. Located near the markets and residential area it was somewhere people stop after a morning of shopping.  

There were many chalkboards sighted offering a taste of the menu. We came for the Vietnamese lunch menu you see on zomato though it wasn't on offer that day. Or it's out of date sadly.

At 1pm the cafe was empty, but it was filling up fast as we left. 

Matcha Latte $4-5

A milky matcha way less bitter/strong than usual. I like it this way. 
It was the first time the lovely waitress had made it as it wasn't on the menu. 

With all the signage the place reminded me of college cafeterias but nicer. 

Phancy Breakfast $15
Potato rosti top up with homestyle cooked beef mince with a free range 
poached egg, grilled tomato (no thanks) and tomato relish.

Mince beef for pasta, cold mushrooms, mash and relish. It was ordinary. I'd rename this 'Phancy Protein' though it needs something green, spinach? I could have made this, in that it was simple and more like a bunch of ingredients sitting together rather than a dish. Perhaps served as a big breakfast with the elements sitting not on top of each other it might be different.

One Huge Raspberry & White Chocolate Muffin 

We left at 1.45 when it was getting busy. Running. A series of questionable decisions regarding time management as we were on our way to a concert. On the way out we grabbed a muffin for later.

The size of a large orange with a crispy top it was like no muffin I've had or will have ever again as I would find out later on.

Is that a leg or a herb?! Why is there a herb in my muffin?! Oh gawd on further inspection there is a fly's leg in my muffin!!! *internal screaming* If this is the leg, where is the rest?!!

I haven't been near a muffin since and people I confided in (not H obviously, but bio guy) are still making jokes about me! The thought of muffins makes me gag. 

An average cafe with average prices. Not trendy. With the survival of the most trendy/pretty I have no idea how they're still open.

Service was very friendly and fast.

Though I would never recommend Phancy or go here ever again.

Phancy Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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