Taco Bill @ Chadstone - Fake Mex @ Friday, July 14, 2017

Friday 23rd June

Taco Bill. It's either a hit or a miss. I've tried Collin St and now Chadstone. It's a miss for me. This is the stuff that comes from the kits - but without the seasoning. Despite the reputation we gave it a go.

The nicest thing about this place is the deco. That's where it ends.

Quesadilla Delgada $12

Beef with [minimal] mushroom, melted cheese and [watery] salsa

What a joke! Taco Bill has really bad reviews, how are they still open? Lured by Liven we had a beef, cheese and mushroom quesadilla a $12 snack. It was average and lacked spices, tastes like something I made and that ain't a compliment when it comes to savory food. The salsa was more like soup, so watered down.

Service was fine, he was disappointed I bought an entree rather than $22+ overpriced main.

Just Don't.

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