Thursday 8th June
Charlie & Co. attended as the public rather than as bloggers for this event.

Tonight we were delighted to attend Vapiano's Winter Warmers Tasting Night, not as a blogger btw, we rarely ever get invited to blog events, and we know why, it's something that is not very nice to point out why. High school never ends, though for me it never mattered back then. 

Arriving at 7.45pm we were early and hung out in the lounge downstairs, with drinks to entertain us till 8.30 when the tables were ready, as Vapiano's quite popular despite the cafeteria style service. 

Lunch Specials! This is my go to for cheap pasta actually as it's behind my office.

The menu for tonight, we're excited!

For starters we had a prosciutto bruschetta which was a challenge to eat, not to have the prosciutto come off in one one bite. Freud decided to go all knife and fork on his. We sprinkled balsamic vinegar and olive oil on the bread, a challenge to add flavour. 

Tomato soup followed with a swirl of cream and cheese, rich in spices with croutons this was the highlight of the evening! Delicious. I love a good tomato sauce, all we need is to get this takeaway and pair it with a cheese toastie (from GJ on the other side of the office) to make an awesome lunch. This a a half serve, served *sigh* lukewarm because they were serving a party not everyone can get it warm? Oh and pictured is a half serve.

Vapiano makes their own pasta, which is a main attraction. We had the 'Pasta Puttanesca' which I'm a bit iffy as to why it's considered a winter special. Why? Being tomato based with olives to add saltiness and basil plus plenty of fresh fluffy cheese, to me this is a classic. 

We don't tend to order classics, I prefer to ask what's special. It was a couple minutes chewier than I prefer, but fine. Not too salty, which could be countered/balanced by the fact that when you order pasta it comes with bread to mop up the sauce. 

Another feature of Vapiano is that they have a bar, with the one alcoholic drink I like, and also creamy desserts in a jar. To accompany dinner we had a rum chia latte (name tbc, but what about Rumba in Indian or An Indian Rumba, Spiked Chiatails?). They were out of almond brittle tonight so it came with the wrong cookie, with bits of nuts the drink was different. Oh how I crave an eggnog inspired cocktail.

Pizza Vesuvio is a chili beef pizza with tomato, green bell peppers/caps baked for 7 minutes then drizzled with a garlicky yoghurt mint swirl. It was a bit, tiny bit overcooked otherwise good. Especially with a squeeze of lemon, handful of rocket and crasins?

While the Nutella trend is strong we're not really into it, salted caramel and kaya is my jam. Despite being an American Sugar Addict I have never had Nutella from the jar either. In fact I have a full jar in the pantry waiting to be made into a cake. So this is our first Nutella Pizza! With strawberries (expensive--ish in winter $5 a punnet) and banana. Because the Nutella was so sweet the banana was doughy and savory to my tastebuds. What if we caramelized them instead? We all came here for a sugar fest. :P

Sitting by the fire we had a lovely time, pizza and pasta by the fire with Nutella to finish, what else could you ask for on a winter's night?

Thanks guys for hosting this winter warmer tasting, we had a lovely time and can't wait to return! For the tomato soup and lunch specials. ;)

Have you been to Vapiano? Where's your go to pasta place?

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