Revisiting Sushi Hotaru @ Thursday, August 31, 2017

Monday 31st July

Gosh I don't think we've been here in years (2015 it seems)! The 3.30 sushi train, Melbourne's cheapest. No lines before 5pm. Single friendly. If you're in a group (4+) you could get a booth. 

Located near chinatown you need to know where it is, to get there, as this isn't a place you stumble upon. Which interestingly is how we found it, on our way back from lunch at Wagaya ($10 lunch specials).

Seated at the bar, this place is perfect for two as the sushi is served in pairs.

I do love sushi trains! They didn't used to be as many back then.

Small Ramen with Pork and Egg $4.50 

Maggi sized and shaped noodles but not. springy and perfect. I'd recommend this and get it again, it's the perfect size for an entree. Snack sized ramen, they don't do takeaway.

Sashimi is priced at $8.50 a plate, we didn't try it.

Seared salmon avocado roll with basil sauce. Tastes exactly how it sounds. The basil doesn't work. It would need a creamy sauce to tie it all together. Though I don't see basil and sushi as a good pairing.

The most basic hand rolls with a cherry tomato on top.

Salmon avocado hand roll. Too much rice, especially due to the shape.

Crumbed crab claw. Meh this is crabstick crab, fish, rather than the really good ones. 

Loving the front row seats to the kitchen.

$18.70 was the total including dessert, no drinks. 

Ice cream. Light green tea, too light. $4.30 

A revisit to our first, and actually one and only sushi train I've been to. After Sushi Hub, Hotaru seems not as good nor fresh though I'm sure it's cheaper. It's the sauces and freshness that makes Sushi Hub better - though I've only had their takeaway. Though they weren't around last time we visited Hotaru. Sushi Hub (is down atm 25/9 due to a water leakage that took out half the block) does a $30 all-you-can-eat in 90mins thing.

We're excited about trying more sushi trains, making it a monthly to-do.

What's your favourite sushi train?

Sushi Hotaru Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

OHM '17 - Melbourne Town Hall @ Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Exploring Melbourne Town Hall, they said not to take pictures inside, not sure why when they're already online for venue bookings...

OHM '17 - The Arts Center Collection @ Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Sunday 30th July

A scrapbook collected over 24yrs by the circus that used to be where the arts center is now. These are photos of famous people back in the 20s/30s (judging by hairstyles) that came with cigarettes. The book itself is huge! And looks like it weighs quite a bit, I'm not sure how they'd actually look at it after adding so many pages. 

For Open House, the Arts Center did a tour of its collections, things from shows held there over the years and objects collected, from costumes to set designs and flyers. The collection is located under the lawn.

A set design for a play.

Retro suitcases or rather trunks.

Some amazing and crazy dresses worn by Dame Edna. The scream is pretty spectacular!

How her glasses are stored, categorized and with a barcode that tells the computer where the box is being stored. I love the system! When you have so many props/costumes that you caterlog them like a library. :P

That yellow dress is from 'Hello Dolly'. And that girl is very suspicious...

Where photos and files are stored. How will this change with computers?

It was pretty cool going behind the scenes, to inspire organizing things!

Sunday 30th July

Slide shows are broken at the moment, so we'll be featuring a post per location we visited during Open House Melbourne. 

Known for their afternoon tea 'The Hotel Windsor' was first called 'The Grand' (which there is one of in every city) and renamed after a visit and stay from the Duke of Windsor. It was designed by the same architecture as Melbourne Grammar and the Royal Arcade in 1883. 

There used to be 300 rooms, just a small room with shared bathrooms on each floor but today there are 180 rooms, each with their own bathrooms, as we are used to. There are also 7 suite (apartments).

One of the suites.

What an interesting brooch! H would hate it XD It's $120.

This year it is 134yrs old and the most grand of its kind at the time, during the times when Melbourne first opened. Featuring steamed power water and air/heating, it is the only one of its kind left in Melbourne. An icon, an old hotel with modern conveniences. It is very popular as a filming location for shows like 'Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries'.

Tickets to high tea start from $70 for adults. That's the weekday one. The weekend is $90 but includes an all you can eat dessert buffet. You will die, but it'll be so worth it. Yes we've been, for our 5th anniversary. On par on price with the Langham, it is saved for special occasions or out of town visits. It's a try once thing, though jas says I say that about too many things. XD Oh and you can choose to sit in the ballroom (pictured) for authenticity, or the regular dinning room for better lighting and modern styling.

I didn't write about our experience sadly, as le beau asked me not too... as we (he) doesn't like sharing too much with the public. But it was very good, it's not my go-to place for high tea though, we've yet to find a favouriite after the Providence closed. 

The Windsor is jas's favourite hotel in Melbourne, as we love history, though I have to say the sparkle, glitz and glam of the new hotels have got me. On pricing I think we're going to go with airbnb though. Luckily I'm delighted to say that we shall be visiting the Windsor and staying at a suite soon!

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