Dine with Dimmi, Tapas @ Seouljaboy @ Monday, August 14, 2017

Thursday 20th July

Dinner at Seouljaboy. An open concrete space. A bar trying to be a restaurant that was too loud. I was thankful that it wasn't quite Friday yet with the DJ booth in the corner. Bright glaring lights we weren't a fan of. Not much atmosphere...

Virgin Yuzu Mocktail $7

Yuzu, mint, lime with a sparkling base. 

Starting with drinks it turns out some of my friends don't eat, preferring a drink in one hand and ciggy in the other... Though jas isn't one of them, nor is he afraid to order a blue slushie. XD Meanwhile I gad the yuzu mocktail which was awesome! I'd love a jug please! 

Kimbap Taco $9

poached salmon & kimchi on a bed of kimbap rice in a rice cracker taco

The smallest taco I've ever seen for $9... it was more like a canape or cracker.

Corn $6

BBQ corn cob dressed in mayo, grated cheese & a sprinkle of chilli power
Hello Mamasita, but with less chilli. Ask for some lime on the side. Yum!!

Popcorn Chicken $13

Korean fried chicken with a choice of soy garlic or spicy dip

Crispy and oily. One piece was enough for me. Though the professor loved it with beer and ordered seconds. The serving was small for $13...

Kimchi Chicken Bao $7

Fried chicken in a fluffy bao with pickled onions & kimchi mayo
Yum. Simple but oh so fluffy and sweet, the bao.

Beef Charcoal Sliders $7

Marinated beef, pickled purple cabbage & aioli on charcoal brioche bun

Yum! Beef bulgogi, this was quite good and better value than most of the things we had.

Service was slow, so slow that packing up happened before all the food arrived.

Kimchi Fries $9

Sweet potato fries topped with kimchi & cheese

No it didn't work. I prefer them sweet potato fries with sweet chilli mayo. 
This was just three ingredients piled on top of each other rather than a dish.

Friday - A quick drop by takeaway. 20mins wait just for corn. Liven app was down since yesterday. What timing!! They made me late for the concert when I'd order via phone. Not only that but they forgot the lime... I ordered 30mins before I got there and they forgot...

Our picks? The corn, slider and drink. As a series of snacks/tapes it's going expensive.

Service was slow, did they forgot we were there? 45mins to take our order after drinks. We spent the entire night here... 

It was good though we probably won't be back. As a modern concrete bar it's not my scene. Save your time and money. Go where the staff notice you exist.

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