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Monday 31st July

A revisit to our first, and actually one and only sushi train I've been to. After Sushi Hub, Hotaru seems not as good nor fresh though I'm sure it's cheaper. S It's the sauces and freshness that makes Sushi Hub better - though I've only had their takeaway. Though they weren't around last time we visited Hotaru. Sushi Hub (is down atm 25/9 due to a water leakage that took out half the block) does a $30 all-you-can-eat in 90mins thing.


Hightail Bar Launches!


A warehouse in Kensington set the scene of this mornings event, usually cold there were plenty of outdoor heaters though none of the oil drum honour variety fortunately.
Kids and home decor lifestyle trade show. We won the major prize by default? Though I'd be happy with a candle, lunch and coconuts. It was a breakfast meet and greet though we  underestimated how far it was on the other side of the city. 

Lunch at Momo. Lunch goes till 4pm here! The latest I've seen anywhere. We ordered the Wonton Noodle Soup from the $15 lunch menu. Through liven it's $17...


Checking out a trade event. Workshops, lunch and snacks included! 

The unicorn festival was hectic as expected with no lines just crowds. The girl before us bought the last handful of cookies I wanted!! The unicorn one. Also the stalls signs were pretty low so you had to battle the crowds to just find the right stand. Not great. We spent around $24 on four treats, one a regret.

I didn't like the cakey donuts (Dessert Parlour's I love) though Ray's cake pops had a cake pop-like filling cake with sprinkles and crispy pearls which were awesome! We really need to stop going to these crazy crowded novelty events... 

Dinner at Barolo, excellent service from my favourite waitress. We had the beef and Shiraz ragu with mash. Warm and hearty I loved it! Just a touch salty but ok, melt in your mouth beef accompanied with mash, not the best one ever but still pretty good. I'd highly recommend this dish and would get it again.


Treats from the Bakery!

Lunching at Punchbowl Canteen. 


Aladdin was just as we remembered with all the music and magic. Unfortunately some were lost thanks to the brat behind me who I had to glare at a few times. Next time we just need to tell on them. *work that assertiveness*

Dinner at Saint Urban was free of kids, thank God. The cheesy gnoochi was awesome! And very filling. With very friendly service. Note the step at the bathroom. Nearly died there.

Sleeping Beauty  - Dir. Ado Arrietta · France Spain (2016). 

  • It was weird. Muted as if a filter had been caster upon the entire thing. 
  • Edwardian-esque though leaning more towards cosplay fail. What's with the gong and Greek guard dressed like ancient Rome? That or he got the dress code wrong.
  • The castle was more like a manor and it felt like a budget film.
  • Silence, there was a lot of that. Other than footsteps and the snaps of the camera there was a silence during the exploration of the castle. So it's 2016, 100 years after the curse. There's a modern day prince (not the princely type, but just a 20-something year old boy who happens to be a prince) trying to find her. The challenges are easy, there are no dragons.
  • He kisses her, waking her and they're getting hitched. They dance, him topless and her in a modern dressing gown that's way too sexy for a 15yr old. They're about to do it. So we assume they fast forwarded over the wedding especially as we hear Tsiolkovsky famous waltz and there's a 20s radio. Why is there service in a forest? How does he have cell reception?
  • The main guy was a bore. And he has a friend but other than singing Amazing Grace to drums and being a shadow we know nothing about this guy.

Ingrid Goes West - It was amazing! A fantastic and hilarious comedy on our obsession with social media and the highlight reel of life. If you're on instagram you need to see this!!

How's your week been?

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