OHM '17 - The Arts Center Collection @ Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Sunday 30th July

A scrapbook collected over 24yrs by the circus that used to be where the arts center is now. These are photos of famous people back in the 20s/30s (judging by hairstyles) that came with cigarettes. The book itself is huge! And looks like it weighs quite a bit, I'm not sure how they'd actually look at it after adding so many pages. 

For Open House, the Arts Center did a tour of its collections, things from shows held there over the years and objects collected, from costumes to set designs and flyers. The collection is located under the lawn.

A set design for a play.

Retro suitcases or rather trunks.

Some amazing and crazy dresses worn by Dame Edna. The scream is pretty spectacular!

How her glasses are stored, categorized and with a barcode that tells the computer where the box is being stored. I love the system! When you have so many props/costumes that you caterlog them like a library. :P

That yellow dress is from 'Hello Dolly'. And that girl is very suspicious...

Where photos and files are stored. How will this change with computers?

It was pretty cool going behind the scenes, to inspire organizing things!

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