Sunday 27th Aug

We finally saw Sleeping Beauty! One of the only two princesses to have both parents, the other being Rapunzel. While being alive they're absent and don't play an active role though.

There's some references to Disney's Sleeping Beauty in Barbie as Rapunzel like... 
1. The two kings are about the same shape.
2. Stefan is a prince, not king. Name.
3. The three faeries/princesses on the balcony during the dance using the same lines in a similar scene.

I loved the music especially the main song! Our first dance song, the evil music that plays for Mal. As the first set of Disney Princesses evil is dark, green flames and ugly. The more modern ones evil is pretty like in Frozen.

Gaps. Aurora has never seen a man before. How would she have dreamt it? Rapunzel fills this gap very well

The three faeries can't cook or sew without magic. At all. How the hell have they survived the last 16yrs as mortals?? Fauna can't even handle eggs as she pops the whole thing shell and all into the cake batter!!

Aurora doesn't wear shoes... Her owl friend, owls are nocturnal. But he was essential for the sound he makes. Who, he asks.

Prince Philip's horse, the horse in Rapunzel looks like an updated version. Phillip himself is quite underrated as he is one of the most heroic princes, top two with Aladdin. Aladdin fights Jafar a witch/giant snake, while Phillip is the only one to slay a dragon. Typical knight role.
Snow White's prince just kisses her while Cinderellas prince, Charming doesn't even recall what she looks like...

The Queen askes Mal if she's offended that she wasn't invited... Woah. No. You gotta make up a reason she didn't get an invite, and give her a seat at the table. Though she was evil from the beginning, no reason us given. In other versions it's because she wasn't invited.
Mal. The earliest contouring. 14th Century. 

The faeries gifts were beauty and music. Austen era and before beauty and accomplishments in the arts were required. But surely kindness and intelligence would be in the top, kindness for sure is an essential gift. But then again the first princess era, being a princess meant you were already blessed with certain things like kindness. 

Loving dress transformations!


Pink or Blue?

It's a classic and lovely movie, definitely something for the the watch list. It's also seems to be one of those classics every girl except me has seen. XD We didn't grow up watching tv.

The Burger Project @ Melb Central @ Monday, October 30, 2017

Wednesday 3rd May

With a 6.30 show we squeezed in dinner while in line, yes in between buying the tickets and seeing the play. Takeaway from the Burger Project at Melb Central it is! Because everything near the theatre is expensive. 

We once had the classic from the Collins Lane/emerald city location though I was not impressed because there was no sauce. At all. As we were on our way to see Wicked we couldn't stop at McD to get some sauce. This time all was well.

Ordering, the guy at the counter was friendly, would you like fries or a drink?
With the $10 student offer avaliable 3-6pm till June, you can order almost any burger, which is quite generous. Usually it's limited to only a small selection.

Sauce is self serve, in little containers, that needs a lid for takeaway. 

The mushroom burger please, and just sea salt fries. They're as expected nothing amazing though good. Especially with a sauce up sell, there's self serve tomato sauce and mustard.
If you prefer you can get chipotle fries.

The burger was pretty good. Encased in a brioche bun, not oily or heavy as burgers often make me feel. Crispy outer and soft meaty mushroom patty. Yum! Delicious and one I'd get again. I found it easier to bite off than the mushroom co with their panni buns.Though sometimes we found the mushroom wasn't as big as the bun.

Chips, perfect snack size!

The wait was a bit longer than expected as it wasn't that busy yet. Though we took the chance to explore with a buzzer in hand. Upstairs there's more seats, outside in the indoor laneway too. I like to sit on the balcony, a rare non-smoking one.
Tues 16th May - Chadstone

Dinner at the Burger Project, too salty with the American cheese. I prefer the mushroom. Chips were very crispier!

Overall a quick stop for burgers, pretty good. I prefer these to Mr Burger, though Betty's is our favourite along with Huxtaburger.

Burger Project Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Vogue Fashion Night Out - Melbourne 2017 @ Saturday, October 28, 2017

Friday 1st September

It's another shopping festival! The biggest one of the three two, this one goes from Melb Central to Bourke St, and if you've got an AMEX you get into a VIP area. Plenty of offers and candy, also drinks. 

With the AMEX thing most places have a high charge for cards, and even more for that card. The accountant said no to getting a cc just for VIP status at multiple events.

With Kikki K we did an express workshop on goal setting. It was great! Alas I may have misplace my notes though... We also did a thank you card, under duress as I wrote in my card XD I sent a card to one of my neighbours.

Lunch time! From Sushi Monger, our go to for lunch when after Japanese. Though we've tried a bento, the sushi rolls, but this sashimi bowl is my favourite thing to order. You can't see it, but there's rice under all that.

TDE had a mini golf game to win a bag tag - but the lines were 1hr+ and if you lost part of your soul would evaporate and you'd die. Life is a series of lines, or maybe just these free events.

It started at 4.10 for a cake pop, it opened at 5pm, but by then the line was out the door - as usual. These days 30 mins early ain't enough. How crazy is that? Lines are normally standard an hour wait. 

Donuts from Brook's Brothers, le beau loves their suits. Though I'm really not sure about blue on yellow... Would have been better on a white background. Our first encounter with a donut wall irl.

Thanks for the cotton candy MK!

Froyo from Frozen By A Thousand Blessings! $3 for the pink froyo with free toppings!
The theme of the event was millennial pink, which turns out isn't a certain shade?

Cheap candy buffet stuff mainly, I picked them all for the photo but in hindsight I'd only go with the persian fairy floss and strawberries only. The pomegranate froyo tastes likes the strawberry frozen one at the supermarket.

Bonds had a claw machine, the easier ball one. OMG I won!! On my second go, alas it was sz8 and I gave it away. I know my size, and I know there's no way I'm going to even attempt to wear that. Sometimes it's not about the prize, but the win itself. 

Something else I noticed is that people (some, not all, but quite a lot) are sheep. They love to join lines when they don't know what it's for. I've been followed by large groups of girls on a few different occasions. Why are you following me? O.o

The SA was busy so said for me to help myself to some flowers (a gift with purchase) and soon a few girls grabbed some too. Only one got away, before another SA flew over and said they're a gift when you buy something. 

Free chocolate samples! This was on main street, the main area for the party.

As usual Dyson was there to do your hair. I've never got it though, I prefer to get ready before the event and not during the event, where no one's going to see it and it won't last till tomorrow.

At Myer there was lots of offers, for pre-spring racing. Drinks, treats and calligraphy.

Perfume bottles are most fascinating, they come in every size and shape!
I do miss the classic round-ish shapes with those ball pumps though. 

We spent a fair while chasing the scavenger hunt, so close but far to the last prize, tickets to the runway. We were close by, but like a few levels up instead of in the main area. Damn. But we did win a lipstick in red orange. 

Look at those posing skills! She's doing that seductive look, biting her finger and doing that hair thing that I'm sure they only do in bedroom shots XD

*picture of me*

Vogue didn't share all the pics from the event, I guess they skipped me cause I'm not hot enough? I worn something pretty awesome, a Rodeo Show dress but styled in my own fashion, schoolgirl style XD Plenty of compliments we counted around 10. Something I noticed was that almost all of the compliment givers were female and mothers or working at a shop I went to. There were two guys, a fellow non-conformist and the banker. 
What I also noticed was quite a few dirty looks from girls my age - who I have nothing in common with :P

The spot to take photos.

It's always a bit of a marathon these events.

My best purchase was some gloves, 'Little Miss Gloves' from Review. Butter-soft leather gloves, scalloped cuff and petite bow detail. One of the bows is falling off, not so great... unlike the price! $70 down to $40, with the 30% off it's like $30, then with my $15 voucher it was $15! Also came with a cupcake, flowers and free monogram!

Melbourne Central offered free monogram on anything you bought tonight, anything. From bags to shoes, and mainly that, also bag tags and the likes, to diaries. I'd love to get my diary done, but didn't have it with me.

We didn't end up going to fashion week, though these are some of the more interesting looks. First up we have the fly screen net headpiece, it's a veil XD

This skirt, those colours are very trendy with accessories at the moment. The unicorn trend.

The bottom part looks like Mimco, while the top says 'don't you dare pat me on the head'. XD

How can she see? Why does she need a visor? The outfit was a bit lame. 

Beetlejuice inspiration!

I do like the fabric but the style, nope.

Inspired the harvest?

Did you go to the vogue fashion night out? How was it?

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