All the Moves - Camberwell @ Wednesday, October 18, 2017

When did we get so behind on the blog? I'd say constantly moving houses (due to renovations and neighbours I hate) really contributed to it. We moved 6 times within 12 months, what a journey it has been! Currently waiting the next location, living out of a box in the meantime. I need the fitbit charger though it's set deep inside a tea chest box in storage... Welcome to the instability that is know as my life. My record for keeping friends is about the same.

November 2016

Our first move for the season. I recall this one well, it was the 20-something of November. I dropped off my bags then headed to the city for the opening of the KitKat Studio Pop-Up. This was all before 1pm.

The windows are frosted, though the top opens, but I'm not tall or strong enough to open them. Loved the nook for my photo shoots, thanks to the windows there was never any glare.

This is what daylight looks like. It wasn't scary at the time, but now I do feel a bit boxed in without a view of the garden. Though the garden is where the boys smoke, drink and look at adult magazines - true story.

It was my first boarding house. Each room was almost identical and as it was temporarily (but isn't everything in life?) we weren't meant to personalized it, but I did. I came with a pin board which I never thought I need before, but after having out I needed it in my life.

There's a bar fridge in the wardrobe, and plenty of high and deep storage. For cooking ingredients we stored them in the tv stand (look for the Coles magazine) and under the bed. On top of the stand I had boxes for craft materials, plates & co (lidded box, to be washed stuff on top) and my own water.

Oddly the room didn't come with a desk. Why would you need one, they asked? Most people don't even write and prefer to sit on bed. Not me, the girl next door did all her homework in bed, but its never been my thing. So they have a pinboard for appointment reminders and such, but not a desk... On my pinboard other than appointments I also had maps, tram lines (it's a tram zone), recipes to try and my pretty felt garlands! Idk why we didn't take a picture...

What was life like at Camberwell? We had meetings and classes in the mornings, by noon the rest of the day was yours. The girl next door studies and works at a bbq restaurant somewhere far away. I was at college most of the time, and at events at night. Most people were pretty random on when they do their cooking/washing. I did laundry on Mondays and cooking also on Mondays, a rare day when I stayed in all day (not night though :P). We changed the sheets every Sunday night. This is the most adult part of my life.

My laundry partner (we do our laundry on the same day) left because she wanted to smoke in the courtyard and wasn't allowed to. Something I always admired about her was that she was obese and rocking it. I have never seen anyone so comfortable in their own skin of that size.

This is the freezer, the fridge wasn't anywhere near as popular. Most people ate frozen meals (and so did I for a while, till I made my own food and froze that). See the empty shelf? That's me moving out. 

The places was staffed 24/7 and the fridge and laundry were locked up for a reason. If your neighbours didn't take your food than you can be certain that a certain staff member (who no one likes) will throw it out. She's a d**k, and has proven so on many occasions. There's also another one who's kinda a bitch, and is super fake nice. I don't know why she even bothers... But then there are girls who are really nice, the night staff in particular are favourites.

They checked upon us every few hours during the night, there were wake up calls, reminders for meetings and light out reminders. Most of the house went to bed at 9pm... Fire drills happened often cause I swear one of the neighbours is senile, no one was kind to her except bio guy and one other. At some point they (not the staff, the dentist) had her teeth all pulled out, and replaced with fake teeth, to make it easier to them to manage her. I've already told me friends to please kill me when I'm reaching that stage. They even pick out what she wears, she was just a mad old woman muttering things to herself. I was told that she's only around 40! Though looks as if she could be someone's grandma... though her father visited her regularly. I have to say I do appropriate people who keep their story to themselves.

Neighbours who kept to themselves were the best. Coffee mess and noodle mess were some of the worst, rolling ciggys on the table in the hall, making a daily mess in the kitchen. Did I mention that we had a cleaner come in every weekday, the same guy every day. How he hasn't tried to kill us all is amazing. Noodle mess had a bag of kitty little crystals (?) in his room, slept straight on the mattress, and got kicked out for drugs along with his best friend coffee mess. They were direct neighbours with bio guy. They lived on coffee and 2 minute noodles. Noodle mess dropped these marshmallow looking things all over the place, and as usual the cleaner had to deal with it. With the drugs I heard there was a code black raid, though I was out, as usual.

The girl next door didn't stay for long and moved upstairs to her own apartment. At some point she went nuts (in her own way, it was tragic, she stopped talking slept a lot and became withdrawn) before she quit. She was replace by beanie guy, then radio guy.
On my other side was coke guy (seriously this guy lives on coke cola), who was replace by rug girl (she worked in a rug shop, made her room all homely and lovely) one of the best neighbours I had. Before being replaced by the worst neighbour ever (who didn't enforce his beliefs on me), no.9

No.9. This guy gets his own paragraph. He didn't go out of his way to actively offend me. His mere existence was offensive. He does junk mail deliveries I believe, and gets up at 4am, blasting his modern popular music down the hallway - most mornings. Bio guy said he bought two speakers my height! And the staff really don't care. No.9 was responsible for destroying the bathrooms (all of them). On the weekends, most people go home due to bathroom issues. That's right, the house can't survive without a cleaner for a day. He also likes to move his chair while he's on it, and I can hear it next door. He's roughly the size of a baby elephant. Oh and one of the staff caught him touching himself (we were amazed he could reach!) and was probably sent to therapy XD

We can learn from this that I really hate offensive people. Also that boys are gross!

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