Sunday 27th Aug

We finally saw Sleeping Beauty! One of the only two princesses to have both parents, the other being Rapunzel. While being alive they're absent and don't play an active role though.

There's some references to Disney's Sleeping Beauty in Barbie as Rapunzel like... 
1. The two kings are about the same shape.
2. Stefan is a prince, not king. Name.
3. The three faeries/princesses on the balcony during the dance using the same lines in a similar scene.

I loved the music especially the main song! Our first dance song, the evil music that plays for Mal. As the first set of Disney Princesses evil is dark, green flames and ugly. The more modern ones evil is pretty like in Frozen.

Gaps. Aurora has never seen a man before. How would she have dreamt it? Rapunzel fills this gap very well

The three faeries can't cook or sew without magic. At all. How the hell have they survived the last 16yrs as mortals?? Fauna can't even handle eggs as she pops the whole thing shell and all into the cake batter!!

Aurora doesn't wear shoes... Her owl friend, owls are nocturnal. But he was essential for the sound he makes. Who, he asks.

Prince Philip's horse, the horse in Rapunzel looks like an updated version. Phillip himself is quite underrated as he is one of the most heroic princes, top two with Aladdin. Aladdin fights Jafar a witch/giant snake, while Phillip is the only one to slay a dragon. Typical knight role.
Snow White's prince just kisses her while Cinderellas prince, Charming doesn't even recall what she looks like...

The Queen askes Mal if she's offended that she wasn't invited... Woah. No. You gotta make up a reason she didn't get an invite, and give her a seat at the table. Though she was evil from the beginning, no reason us given. In other versions it's because she wasn't invited.
Mal. The earliest contouring. 14th Century. 

The faeries gifts were beauty and music. Austen era and before beauty and accomplishments in the arts were required. But surely kindness and intelligence would be in the top, kindness for sure is an essential gift. But then again the first princess era, being a princess meant you were already blessed with certain things like kindness. 

Loving dress transformations!


Pink or Blue?

It's a classic and lovely movie, definitely something for the the watch list. It's also seems to be one of those classics every girl except me has seen. XD We didn't grow up watching tv.

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