A Week of Eat & Play @ Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Monday 9th October

Started with a meeting. Really? It's my day off... *sigh* meetings are chill unless they're scary monthly progress reports or yet another "you're in trouble" meeting.

Lunch at Samurai. Lunch special of the day was teriyaki chicken with miso. $10

Fast forward to dinner. A sausage roll from the green refectory. Nope, shell too thick and sauce soaking through the paper bag. No picture as it was that bad, the sauce was squirtly directly into the bag... I was mainly here to get dad's cake.

A Spanish music, mainly guitar performance.

On the way back we stopped at KtMart, a Korean supermarket for drinks. They do plenty of other asian things and are quite clean too. And open late.


Lunch at Bruce Lee Sushi. Delicious with very friendly service! Pretty sure this is the wrong picture...


Dinner at Lona, Spanish Fusion Tapas. Back of the restaurant is a wind tunnel from the back to kitchen, and it smells like oil.

Service was friendly but slow, and the live music (on a Wednesday) was too loud. By the time we left, around 9.30pm it felt like a Friday night at the bar. 


Hello balloon drop! We had fun prepping 200 balloons.

Snacked my way to the theatre for an amazing show. In Between Two, it was great. Yes I have written much more than that on it, though it's on instagram.

Dinner at the Swiss Club. Its always been on the list, fondue for two (26*2). Though for 26pp we'd expected more than just bread, cheese and pears... How is this place still alive?


Movie at Kino. Let Yourself Go. A young irresponsible personal trainer gives her client, a psychologist an adventure of his life. It was good though not headliner material.

Sushi at Yuyogi, they're Chinese... Freud says it's racist to point it out. Actually no it's like taking someone's else's recipe and selling their grandma's cookies when you're not even friends. It was $8-ish good though nothing amazing. Felt too pedestrian like your average Chinese place...


Kokedama Making Workshop with emma.grace.is.crafty.

Lunch on the go from Bun Bun Bakery, parking sucks. Cash only. Service was indifferent.

Amateur Dutch pianist Joep Beving, was amazing... do look him up on youtube.

After the show there were fireworks, and we got Indian takeaway from Flora.


We went to a food workshop, based around the toastie/sandwich press machine. Which was really good, and fun too. And we didn't fight anyone, yay! I have a talent for putting people in their place, which has gotten progressively worse over time...

Share Tea. 45mins wait, from the time we hop in line to sitting down, drained from lining.
Bogof-ish. Buy a large and you get a free original pearl milk tea, you didn't get to choose. We won't be doing that again. Ever.

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