A Week of Events & Adventures @ Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Monday 4th September

Working from home today we ordered delivery, something rare, as we go out most days. I'm amazed we have Deliveroo at the end of the line O.o from Meat in the Middle we ordered... + $5 for delivery (reasonable). 

The total was $27 delivered ($22 for platter and chips), though the fries were huge! And the platter serves two. Fries were a hint soggy, pita a bit hard in the middle but other than that it was alright. The chicken was quite good though a bit drier than prefered. The salad was very good! The usual greek saslad but with crumbed feta, and fresh ingredients.
Might get it again.

Update - Souv & Burger is $15 even bigger, with chips making it better! 


Today I'm near the city for a conference, meeting and then back to Glen Waverley for dinner. It's a bit before 8.30am and I've just arrived at my desk (lol lies, I've been here since 4.30am) and ordered lunch for a 12pm pick up. 

We've ordered from Mason Dixon again as thee Philadelphia cheesesteak is on offer, and I've been meaning to try that. Also I need to use the app a couple more times for a review, I also promise to order from another place tomorrow. 

How was it? Good but hot! I could feel the heat in my nose 4hrs after and it hurt, nose and eyes. Am I allergic?

Info gathered at the event. Industry event.

A stop by city hall to check out the fashion festival, the hub is small. Two marquees, one for the bar the other for activities. Photo booths and the claw! We picked it up, but it dropped it!

Island Life Mocktail - Coconut, Pineapple, Lime, Mint, Honey

Dinner was a launch party in town! Recently there has been an increase of fancy places including a few brunch spots, no longer is it just chinese food! Tonight we welcome Little Sister, pan-asian Viet x Thai, where Richmond Oysters used to be. The evolution only took two days said Madame Mayor who loves her coffee from Mocha Joe's opposite the restaurant. 


The day started with wondering if it was ok to eat chicken that had been in the fridge for 2-3wks. Mother has no concept of food saftey...

A terrarium workshop, where we took turns using the stuff. How wonderful! We made terrariums in a bottle! He says you never need to water or open it, and to keep away from sunlight. It will grow. 

Someone else said condensation will happen and you won't get to see much soon, damn. But we had a fun time! These workshops are expensive... this could be the first terranium I've actually made. :)

Lunch at Purple Peanuts. It must have been years since we've been here and actually sat down. Had a sashimi dish with rice, a huge serving! Pretty good for $8 through MealPal. 

A stop by Emporium to get some new backgrounds for flatlays (kikki k does some lovely wrapping paper, A2 size) and tea, before stopping by city hall.

Oh so there is a lounge! It's inside and there's a stage with live music and a bar. Nice spot to chill till it gets busy at 6pm. Had another shot at the claw, picked it up but then dropped it, again! Hoping to win tommorrow as the prize is tickers to the closing night runway. 

This year we're only attending one event, the awards night. Tix are $30, but there is a 50% code floating around. Much like how I hope my movement will be tomorrow. If it's not too wet I'm going to wear my wedding dress, it's not white btw.



Meetings and a concert at Deakin Edge. It was pretty awesome!


A quick stop by the market to pick up a prize, I do love winning!

Market Borek for lunch, wasn't as impressive as expected, needs a dip.

Flower crown workshop at city hall, I swear these books are fake, because they come as a set for stylists and I've seen them in quite a few display homes... 

Father's Day Dinner at Barolo

How was it? HUGE! Serves two, for one crazy hungry guy. For $15 it was a great deal, much bigger (ok maybe almost twice the size of Meat in Middle). And it wasn't all quantity, it was also very good. All that could have improved it was a wedge of lemon for the meat. 
The mixed gyros was a bit fatty but moist and tender, sometimes a tiny bit chewy but that was rare. Pita soft and not at all hard in places (like Meat in the Middle - when we had souvs last week). Salad came with balsamic vinegar and was very fresh and a good size. Grill'd styled chips with less seasoning completed the platter. The menu says plate, but this is a platter!

Well done Souv & Burger Co. you are our local-ish souvlakia place to go to! Delicious, fresh and a cheap eat, it's a winner. And a favourite. Shall be recommending this place to our class. 

How was your week?

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