The Dressmaker - Book vs Movie @ Friday, November 10, 2017

We watched the movie, read the book then saw the movie again. Here's what the differences between the book and movie.

  • Towns people simplified. Less people.
  • No lesbians - they didn't add anything to the story anyway, other than saying small towns have secrets.
  • No Mona (most eliigble bach's sister), no one needs to know how desperate she was to get some anyway (book likes to describe bedroom scenes in a gross way).
  • Buela and Miss Dimm = Same person, town complainer and teacher.
  • Gert becomes a completely diff character with her new found snobbishness and confidence. The movie doesnt go long enough (dragged out that is) for her to have a baby and all. Also all the fooling around is cut out. When sarg goes to pick the chemist out they decided not to show full detail (good choice). In the book the birth is described in full disgusting details.
  • Tilly doesn't go to the dance with teddy, instead she goes to the wedding (not as a guest) but to find Sarg, and he tells her who her father is.
  • Gert's mother is cheating with Reg, no barmaid. Gert's father's character basic.
  • Elizabeth x Una are working together to point out to her son gert doesn't normally look like a movie star with a figure hugging dress, dressing her in a poofy princess dress. - Only in the movie to emphasis Tilly's magic.
  • Teddy is the best man, closer to main prince. Barney gets a bigger role, teddy's father smaller. 
  • It was Barney who saw it, but no one will list to him cause he's special. Throughout the movie he keeps saying "you moved" as a ref to what happened, not her going away.
  • Bits were cut out including what happened, in the book Stuart fingers Tilly (yep as a kid) but fortunately they remove that (no one needs to see that, plus it gives everyone more hate towards the boy who would have totally deserved it)
  • Tilly seems to think she's cursed?? - that's her main problem in the movie.
  • Molly is significantly less senile, she plays her part and sends a letter then dies
  • The chemist dies, and his assistant blames Tilly. Sarg takes the blame and gets taken away. he does it for the guilt he feels for sending her away (he was blackmailed).
  • Because Gert never had the baby (and that really dragged on) her husband didn't need to get rid of her, she didn't go mad and get sent away to the nut house.

The idea is the entire town went on a trip for the play, everyone but Mrs A goes, so what happens to Mrs A (the chemist's wife)?
Also what is the fate of Teddy's family? In the book they move away after he dies (same as the movie I assume) like how do they just start again, with nothing?

TLDR; The book was terrible and described gross scenes that added nothing to the plot. Watch the movie for the dresses.

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