Halloween Week @ Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Monday 23rd October

Morning meetings, ugh. Productive? No, not really. Points for everyone for showing up! One of those meetings where we could have just emailed or done a live chat...

Lunching at Ya Souv, as delicious as always. There's student combo offer, for $2 you can get chips and a drink with your souv. That bowl of chips serves two! The baklava was full of spices and great to share too. Service was very friendly. We sat on the right bar where there was dead bugs on the wall... eww...

Up North for a meeting. Then ice cream! Billy's Tahini and Medjool Dates Ice Cream. 2 scoops for $5. It was pretty good.

Dinner on the go wasn't so great... a wrap from safeway. I can't tell where the wrap ends and paper starts, but it all tastes the same. Dry and bland. We had some satay sauce with peanuts to spice it up. Avoid. 


Drinks at the Mill House


A meeting and then dinner. *didn't take notes*
We had salads from Soul Origin, they were ok.


Held at Encore St Kilda on the beach, was the annual Kids Business's Bloggers Brunch, a place for mommy bloggers to meet (with a free babysitting service) and collaborate with 13+ different brands, ranging from DIY to kid's brands.

After the event we had a late lunch at Garage Espresso (St. Kilda). A small cafe with lots of green deco. We had a Cheese Croissant $4.50 with two types of jam, mango chutney and strawberry aniseed. It was very good and definitely recommended. 

Along with the 'Sparkling Smile Smoothie' $4.25 (50% off). There was ginger. It was all lumpy and gross, but then I got it sieved and it was much better. Service was very friendly!

We stopped by Spooktober at Town Hall, it opened almost 40mins later than listed! It was alright, there were carnival games, trick or treating with donations (different from last year), two haunted houses and food trucks. 

Back to the city for a nap and dinner at Purple Peanuts. 


With an 8am start it's not the earliest. We set up, I helped with the snack station and we packed down the site. I'm probably not suited to this though as incopotency was high. Exhausted I passed out at 8pm and slept for 16hrs, wow I'm never doing that again.

It was different from any other sporting event I've ever done as we didn't get an event shirt (not that I need one), lunch, and they provided chips and candy. A healthy diet reduces risk of cancer, and so chips aren't really apart of that...

Back to the city, it was crazy windy out there that I could barely take pictures, a seagull hovered (sadly I wasn't looking that way, so no video) and we were nearly blown into the lake.

In the city we had a cupcake! Pandan.

Oh and because it's Halloween there were more sweet treats!

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