Friday 21st July 2017

In looking up new places to try in the area we came upon 'Who's Harry?' which was within walking distance to the Hawthorne house, and it had the perfect name. My +1 was confused as as I had amnesia (still do, and its been over a year) and have a very vague ideal as to who Henry* (my next door neighbour of three months) is. I'm told he was fond of me, but I don't recall that. He's a stranger to me... Hence this place was perfect to say our goodbyes. "Sometimes I can't tell if she's actually crazy or just f**king with me", is something I've heard before, I think it's a bit of both really. XD

The kitchen closes at 3pm though I was after coconut water and a fruit salad, neither of which was on the menu. Nor did they serve matcha lattes. But I picked this place for the name, the perfect goodbye. Henry's moving to England so this is goodbye.

The communal table at the back (right), Henry arrived first and so got to pick where we sat. I wanted to sit in the couch area at the back :( (scroll down, it looks like a cool place to sit). 

I had a caramel slice, with coconut in the base. Pretty standard.

Friday 25th Aug

We returned a month-ish later for lunch, after all you can't do a review about a standard slice XD. The area in the back was taken so we sat at the front. A room filled with light where you could watch the tram go by.

24hr Braised Beef Brisket $19

Brioche Bun, pickled cucumber, house made BBQ, roquette, cheese & chips.

Lunch at Henry's. The beef brisket was a little dry, certain bits, otherwise very saucy. It was huge!! Along with a tray of chips which were probably a bowl size. The saltiness of the sweet BBQ sauce in the burger and chips proved too much for me. What we need is a salad.

It was very good but too much for me. As I write this I'm slipping away into a food coma. A nap is next on the schedule.

Service was very friendly, and we reckon the french waiter/owner is Harry. :P

The area out back, where I wanted to sit. I guess that means we'll be back. :P

More seats out back.

A nice local sunny cafe with very friendly service, a cool spot for coffee (though they don't do matcha lattes), not brunchy with lines, close to Sardi (as a landmark for the area). We like it.

Located on the main street, it's just a short stroll from the Hawthorne Bridge Stop before Bridge Rd, the tram that stops out front here is no.48 two stops from the bridge, heading away from the city.

Who's Harry? Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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