Teiichi: Battle of Supreme High

The movie was epic!! Super high energy high school drama with lots of bromance (and absolutely 0 fear of being gay, even with lots of touching and butt slapping). Absolutely loved it! We want to see it again!!

It's about the student council elections at a boys school, and the two teams, though about two arch enemies/rivals in a generation long battle.

Being x one of those movies everyone had such perfect skin and hair! The bad guy had a bowl cut (dexter's evil guy) and only Dan with a regular name and messy hair to show he was different (cause he didn't come from money) and status. Mori in particular had flawless skin, and Roland had that hair all the girls love. If it hadn't been a boy school. XD His father was American so naturally he had blonde hair, cause anime logic, if you're part western you won't have black hair. Orange in anime is also popular.

So much drama. Blondie jumped but didn't die, that must have sucked XD orange was prepared for the loser to jump though. We loved him, the side kick. The tech buddy who's also the cute guy (probably gay) with his super cute cat mic and crazy tech binoculars. I loved the scene where main guy runs past the girl to embrace his best friend!

Other totally awesome scenes included main guy being submissive to blondie, slinking/crawling towards him wear a red collar. Main guy trying something he was reluctant to eat Dan's poor house, his expressions are priceless! The dance which bought people together, even the bad guy wanted to dance!

The final vote at the end. Dan has that x poor scholarship kid, he's got a good heart though no money hence to some degree influence. The underdog? Most of the movie was about main guy vs the bad guy, when they're not seniors, but just under them. The end fast forwards to their year, bad guy vs dan vs main guy. It was ultimately dan vs main guy, but there was a last minute swap, sidekick spotted and played a vital role in who won.

We loved all the drama, the facial expressions crazy high drama of manga/anime translated into live action. It was pretty epic! One of the top 3 movies of the year! If you're only seeing one movie with the jap film fest make it this one. We want to see it again!

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