Much Ado About Nothing @ The Pop-Up Globe @ Wednesday, November 07, 2018

Up up far and high on a hill was the globe beside the bowl. 
Inside it's smaller than expected, and there's carpet instead of grass yay! As we're only little we got a spot at the front. And jas accompanied me to keep me in check.

What an amazing show it was tonight at the @popupglobe ! It rained and we were totally soaked (cling wrap wasn't my style) but it was an epic experience. .
We had groundlings tix ($20 tix) which meant we had to stand for the entire time, and my feet hurt!! But it was carpeted so not too bad, and no where near as crowded as comic con. The sound despite lack of modern technology was superb too.
Ridiculously hilarious. Claudio is a fool, not sure why Hero (who's stunning, looks like Gossip Girl) married him, though she's pretty darn generic too as a character. But it's a comedy, and like my favourite stories they all get married in the end.

P.S. Leave your tall friends at home. And bring bug spray!!

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