Wrapping Up November & Japanese Movies @ Friday, November 09, 2018

Thursday 30th November

The first day of the Taste of Melbourne! This year it's set at yarra park it's behind joliment station, no swan sh*t, yay! Lots of grass no dust or mud. It's also much more spread out. We didn't know it at the time but this would be the only session due to the weather.


Back at the movies, we saw Relife. It was quite good. The researcher was stunning. A journey to discover main guy's passion. Add some magic and he got an instant teaching degree (at the school in the dream), and meets main girl again after 'waking up from the dream. She was kinda blah though and we don't know what she was looking for, though she had questionable social skills. Pretty flat with no interests...

Well that was totally f**ked but brilliant. They got the motive too. Knowing the little details is what gives you away. Killing the mafias wife (don't think he's top boss, but a boss) risky, the entire family will after the killer. At some points it was a bit slow but brilliant! The twist was great and none of this "the killer we thought was a man so we didn't ever look at girls, alas he became a She!" What a contrast to the other fluffy movie we saw tonight, surrounded by that beautiful golden hour light and sakaura/cherry blossoms.

Quote of the Day - I hope she's dead. Because there are worse fates than death.


Launching the season of carols, sharing, celebrations and stress with a Christmas lunch.
The usual minus mint jelly and plus too much salty gravy. The pavlova was huge! The passionfruit a tad bit artificial (I'm certain it came from a can).

Battle of Supreme High! Yes again, so awesome!! Not as amazing round 2 but still very good. Isn't Mori beautiful?? He's the researcher from the movie we saw the other day.

Midnight Dinner 2. 'Master' has a tiny restaurant open midnight -7am. He'll make whatever you want, as long as he has the ingredients. A series of diners and their stories. Strangers gathering to dine. Tales of lost and found, of family and friends. It was sweet? I liked it. I also want food now XD especially that tamego egg.

It's not about what we eat, but who we share it with.

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