Hello December @ Monday, December 10, 2018

Monday 4th Dec

Lunching at Hakata Chicken Ramen. Been on the list since March, we've only just made it!


3.20 Lunch at Fettle. It's gone now.

We saw Book of Morman tonight and it was awesome!! The main guy had changed, but it was just as awesome. The second guy looked more like the original one with the hair and shape.


Shop the City

What a day! Being high on the musical last night I barely slept and crashed in the afternoon. Coffee doesn't make me feel good, feverish and like a zombie more like.

Crashing all the way home, we had a good time. Missed out on a few things, but had fun still. And I did it all my way - solo. 


Takeaway from The Grand Tofu. 

We had the 'Prawn Dumpling Egg Noodle Soup' $12 with five yellow-skinned wonton style dumplings. The was where most of the flavour was, think we also needed a chili sauce to dip into. So other than the soup it was bland, but it was comforting?

Tomorrow's lunch 'Ipoh Curry Chicken Dry Noodle' $13 


What a day! Shopping, hunting down clues (got them all but one!), going up and down the street a couple times, and dinner. It's longer than it seemed. 

Two Christmases ago we lived in Camberwell, two blocks off the main street uphill.

After Review we went to Suzaran. Oh how I miss the boarding houses, so close to the trams and station. I sure as hell don't miss the people though. 

My Favourite Shops

Suzran Japanese - not cheap, but they have great snacks and ingredients, also ice cream!

Beyond Homewares - fake flowers and things those asian shops sell

Yellow Sign Asian Homewares Shop  - near pepperoni and subway on the right going down towards the junction. Gift bargain store next to framing

Fresh fruit - tram straight to Prahran market

I love that we had local mall shops like sportcraft, witchery, the body shop and kikki k

There were $10 lunch offers in town, our favourites were curry camp and kopan Korean

One of the things I miss most was Optus, great local store that wasn't busy and much friendlier than the city 


Not sure where the pictures went for this one...

Rooftop yoga! A first, the yoga. I prefer dinner parties on my roof :P
Was it fun? lol no. I have no strength...

Brunching at Billy's Central at Melbourne Central, we've been to the Flagstaff location and loved it! How was it? Check out our review coming up soon.

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