Breakfast at Ikea (Richmond) @ Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Tuesday 2nd Jan

We find Ikea fascinating, a maze where you discover things you didn't think you needed till now, the cheap treats at the checkout and the cafeteria. We've been once before for a Christmas dinner event in 2014. Today their best selling cart is on sale, that's why we're here. 


Breakfast at Ikea. Someone forgot all the seasoning, herbs and spices. Water mushrooms. So much potential... but at least everything was cooked and the hash browns were crispy.

School cafeteria style, grab a tray and slide. Cake, drinks, hot food, pastries, salad and fruit salad. Oddly butter and jams are 50c... surely free if you buy toast or a bagel? 

Don't forget to go check out the check out downstairs, that's where the candy bar, cookies and other drinks, treats and take home foods are. The ginger thins are a favorite of ours. 

First person to check out! Someone else ran but still didn't beat me :P We got the ikea raskog cart $20 for the brown one. Normally $60-ish. I've got two at home that we use everyday, in the bathroom and in the office. 

Are you a fan of Ikea meatballs? What do you usually get here? 

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