Indian Delights @ Curry Smuggler @ Monday, January 21, 2019

Charlie & Co. dined as guests.
Thursday 17th January 2019

Located on Main Street, Fitzroy is Curry Smuggler, an ambient Indian restaurant that offers all the classic Indian dishes in a inviting atmosphere, most Indian places we go to are more takeaway places, but this is one of those lovely dates worthy spots.  

Located in Fitzroy it's very easy to get to on no.19 West Preston.

Not pictured are the booths to the left. We love booths! It's nice and cool in here, spacious with music and quiet tonight (we suspect it's the heat wave). 

Mango & Original Sweet Lassi

Seated by the window for the best lighting we enjoyed mango lassis, Nina (my new plus one) had the original one which we were delighted to discover tastes a bit like natural homemade yoghurt but more sweet and less sour. 

Tikki Chat - Potato cakes crispy pan fried topped with chat sauces 
and garnished with chopped onions, tomato and coriander

To start off Nina recommended we order this amazing entree, which I've never had before, and it was awesome! It's like a thick potato cake but not as fried topped off with a chutney and yoghurt space, covered in a kinda salsa mix, with just the right amount of coriander. I've never had anything like it before and would definitely order a big one of these as a main if it was on the menu. 

Our Picks

Butter Chicken - Boneless pieces of tandoori chicken cooked 
with tomato, delicate spices and a nut cream sauce 

This is my go to dish whenever we order Indian, bio guy says it's the whitest thing you can order, in other words the safest! I love all the spices in Indian food, it's the actual spicy foods I can't handle (spicy toothpaste and ice {mint flavoured} is a real thing!). Mild butter chicken, safe and delicious, a tomato cream based sauce this one was quite good though not as sweet as most places.  

Biriyani - Tender marinated chicken/lamb pieces cooked 
with basmati rice and spiced served with raita 

Nina ordered the biriyani with lamb, a big bowl of fragrant spiced rice with tender lamb pieces, cut to bite size. Full of spices, flavour and wonderful things it was very filling and perfect on it's own, and even better with raita (a yoghurty sauce) mixed in. I would have guessed that being served with a dairy sauce that it be hot, but it was perfect.

Mutter Pulao - Fresh green peas tossed with cumin, mixed with basmati rice 
+ Plain Naan, bread baked in the tandoor

Completely forgetting that the biriyani dish was rice based and could count as an accompaniment to our butter chicken as well as a main on its own, we also ordered some rice with peas in it. Does this count as our serving of greens for the day? :P 

We also ordered plain naan, which was huge! To serve with the butter chicken, unlike some places there were fun crispy bits, though most of it was buttery soft and perfect for dipping. Two huge pieces is perfect to share between two (scroll up to see the size, it's the first picture).

Pista Kulfi
Special Indian ice cream made with thickened milk and pistachio, 
flavoured with saffron, green cardamom and rose syrup 

I always thought this dish was pistachio ice cream with cardamom but it's so much more than that! It's thick and creamy and amazing with all those flavours creating something awesome, especially on a midsummer's evening like tonight. I've had kulfi before but never like this, the flavours have never been this intense, and I love it! Served in ice cube sizes try not to inhale them and get a brain freeze. :P

Gulab Jamun
Deep-fried donuts made of dried milk served in sugar syrup

On the specials menu today was donuts, and who can resist that? And I can say with almost certainty that this is the only donut that you only truly need one of. The filling kinda reminds me of almond meal, but different. It's nice.

Everything we tried was delicious, so we'd recommend it all. Curry Smuggler is open for dinner Tues-Sun and deliver too, they also have a Thursday (12pm-2.30pm) lunch menu, which is great value. Oh and being in Hipsterville they also have a vegan menu available on request. 

We can't wait to return, especially for that tikki chat!

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