Oakleigh Eats - Lunching @ Nikos @ Friday, January 25, 2019

Wednesday 3rd January 2018

Across the road, still on the main street, a walking only area, like a strip, was Nikos Quality Cakes, not just a cake shop, they do lunch too. 

Something that irks me though is the eat in charge for cakes and desserts, that applies to even cookies! Say I buy 5 cookies to go with coffee, is the eat in fee cookies + $5, or just $1 per transaction? For some cakes it was $2 more!! And there's no parks nearby...

Anyway that's the cafe area, to the right is more a lunchy area. $15 seems to be standard for lunch, and everything comes with a "side" salad. It was very busy, though Gin says it's always like this here, not just for school holidays. 

Moussaka $15.50
Layers of eggplant and potato w/ beef bolognese, feta and bechamel sauce

Craving lasagna Gin ordered that, and offered me a taste. It looked smaller than most places, but was very filling, especially with that HUGE salad.

Chicken & Mushroom Filo $14.50
Creamy chicken and mushroom filled pastry served with sweet chili

Unlike her dish, mine was HUGE! And jas and I agreed that this was two servings. I loved the sweet chili sauce, and salad was very good with a balance of flavours. We certainly needed that salad with the huge filo! I had expected something a third of the size. 

The sizes are what I'd describe as Greek - you'll never leave hungry.

Service was minimal as it was very busy. 

Unlike most places you can smoke outside here, so the second half of lunch tasted like cancer. We had a table by the window, and outside, the table next to us was smoking. Unlikely to dine here again based on atmosphere (smoking). But I'm happy to get takeaway to eat on the train. 

Main street is a block away from the station by the way. 

Where's your favorite place to eat in Oakleigh?

Nikos Cakes Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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