Hello 2018 @ Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Tuesday 2nd January 2018

Breakfast at Ikea after chasing after their popular cart, I was 
definitely one of the firsts to checkout, yes it was a competition. XD

Home to have a driving lesson, where I was slow but didn't drive on the right. My teacher says he can read hieroglyphics, he says, not sure if he's joking or not... Nap time before dinner.

It's rated yellow (green is good) so I'm not sure about Overseas Seafood Restaurant, but I didn't book so I'm not sure. It ended up being very expensive and not worth it...

Grandpa's Birthday Dinner at Overseas Restaurant


Wednesday started with lunch, well pre-lunch in Oakleigh. 
The Galakdough at 'The Oakleigh Doughnut Co.' 

Across the road, still on the main street, a walking only area, like a strip, was Nikos Quality Cakes, but it's not just a cake shop, they do lunch too. 

The sizes are what I'd describe as Greek - you'll never leave hungry. 
It was very good and served two, we do have to return sometime.

Bus replacements on the line for a couple weeks, but it's close so it's fine. A couple stops away I had a meeting where we went through things that upset me (a checklist). It's like when naming a baby, you never realized there's so many people you hate XD. 

There was an amazing singer in the subway, but I was too shy to get a video. From lion king to opera, he did it all. I've never seen him before. 

Heading up north, tram, bus, bus due to the trams being replaced by buses we got lost... I got lost. Directions has never been my strong point, lucky for me it was next to the tram stop and around the corner from the bus.

It might have been Wednesday but it was a party with a couple birthdays and quite loud, borderline bar loud. But the food was good and lighting, I loved the fairy lights. Full house at Mama Manoush.

Everything looks good and we aren't too familiar with Lebanese food, so we went for the banquet. Which I think we did last time at the Turkish place too. And we're doing a 6 course thing tomorrow too. I swear we don't always eat like this.


The afternoon started with a meeting before a nap (yes I know I just got up) from feeling quite alone (I lost someone close to me, and feel it more sometimes than others) and didn't have the energy to get stuff done. Eating much like my feelings ping pong between extremes, I either starve (today was one of those days) or do banquets (tonight).

Our annual ish birthday dinner at The Grand Richmond. The menu has changed slightly but the great service and deco remain the same.

This is our third time here, and we're seated in the perfect spot, the corner under the window, covered by winter drapes (pretty sure they never open the windows here). The combo of cozy warm colors and that wallpaper gives it a feel that no other restaurant has.


Just finished Season 2 of The Originals, the big bad was defeated. Everyone got their happily ever after pretty much, without a another big bad lurking for the next season. Rebecca chose to be a witch and her plotline is to revive Kol from the dead. Marcel to rule the city once more, with only Josh left by his side. Klaus and Elijah to raise the baby. Haley & Jack are under the crescent curse, wolves who turn human under the full moon. No questions left unanswered. Davina is also now head witch. 

This season we lost: Aiden, Gia (no body really cares), and Ester x2 (though she's a villain to most except herself, trying to fix vampirism) and Kol.
We gained: Hope (the baby) and Freya. 

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