Summer Days Out & About @ Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Tuesday 9th January 2018

To the city! Shopping before heading to the theatre to see 'The Unbelievables' which was a circusy show. It was pretty amazing, with only one act I didn't like (the puppet guy,  ventriloquist, but can't deny that he was amazing - he didn't appear to move a muscle!). The magician was a particular stand out along with the dancing girls, and aerial artist. Also the music was great. Highly recommended, though probably not if you're paying more than $40-50 per ticket. It's so lovely to see a professional show, as we still recall the experimental fringe quite clearly. Too many duds last year. Oh and sand art, I haven't seen that live before. 

Our seats were great too, the only thing that could have made it better would been the removal of the giraffe in font of me... As we were close we could see pretty well on stage, but there were also 5 screens, 3 facing the audience for close ups, especially for the card acts. 

I still don't think all the people on the poster are the same as in the show though, especially the guy holding the cards...


Running late, is there any other way to run? We skipped lunch moving it to Monday to get to the show on time. Just as magical as the last! We couldn't resist $10 tickets

Dinner was a banquet at Leezet.


Two years ago we lived in Camberwell, and Butter dish was on the to eat list.
One day we finally made it! A murky humid summers day. Located next to the market.

Checking out the latest bubble cup place, opposite DonDon.

Dinner at Homi


Checking out the French music festival at Werribee.

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