Thursday 8th February 2018

There are two American dinners in Melbourne, Misty's (relocated to Reservoir) and the newly located Soda Rock now at the Jam Factory, after an apartment tower bought the space. Spacious and airy with checkerboard floors, red booths, waiters on skates and a juke box. Think rock & roll, and Grease (the musical).

Vanilla Shake $10 - Frosted cold shakes made the old-fashioned way: 
with three scoops of extra creamy vanilla ice cream

Who can go past getting a shake at a diner? I guess they didn't have as much variation on all the things that could kill you back then XD

It was pretty awesome! One of the best shakes, this is my style, non of that food porn trendy freak shakes that compromise on quality, this is the real deal. Not sure why I have three straws there though.

Booth juke boxes! If only they took quarters. 

Fish Burger $11.95 - Crumbed fish patty, cheese, lettuce, tomato & tartare sauce.

I much prefer the filet o fish at McD with a soft & fluffy buttery bun. But that's pretty modern, and burgers these days often use those sweet brioche buns, and so the natural-ish burger buns don't cut it these days. These are the retro ones, so don't compare, but you know it's a try once thing. 

Chips were average, though note that I did ask for a half serve of the fries as sizes are generous here. :P

Fish Burger combo......................... $18.95
$5 extra upgrade to shake
= $24 (burger on its own is $12, shake $10)

Soda Rock Cherry Pie $12
House special. Shortcrust pastry filled with cherries, 
served with extra creamy vanilla ice cream and a cherry on top

I was pretty full at this point so only had a couple spoons, and it was pretty good. Though pumpkin pie is my favourite. Mother said the pie was too sweet, the crust too and also too buttery - she is not a true American though :P It's a pretty big slice, so I'd recommend getting this to share and an extra scoop of ice cream (unless you've already had a shake).

 Desserts - No pumpkin or key lime sadly. Only cherry.

Soda Rock seems to be a more of a novelty to us than a place that does great burgers, however dessert is what we'd recommend. A shake and pie to share after a movie.

The bill for dinner, dessert and a drink came to $36. Through through the eatclub we got 40% off, which is why we chose to dine here tonight :P

Our waiter is great on skates and very friendly, a children's entertainer when not skating around with a tray of milkshakes. 

Being one of the last customers for the night we were pleased to see the place being cleaned, as we've been here once before, at the old location and after jas went to the bathroom, he insisted we not eat here. Also the juke box was greasy. Great to see with a new location it's much bigger, airy and cleaner.

Come in circle skirts, ready to rock & roll! They do have special events here.

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