December 2017

The first place to introduce us to the wave of korean fried chicken was Nene, before Gami came along, and there's a place we often pass by. One of those small places on the way in from main street. I swear there was a place called 'Emily's Cafe/Place' here once, I never made it before they closed. 

This is the Melbourne Central location, almost takeaway only we recommend getting takeaway and eating at the Emporium (the nicest of the three food courts, also the only one with no beggars). Don't forget to grab some gloves.

We ordered the classic which is 4 pieces (serves two with a large side she said). We ordered the lemon with Korean salad (close to a garden salad). And for $1 more we made it into a combo. $19.

How was it? Absolutely AMAZING! For me it was all about that "lemon" sauce which was actually sweet and sour. We just couldn't get enough of it!! And the radish was perfect to cut through the deep fried-ness of it all.

We completely forgot to eat the salad though, knuckle deep in chicken, and it well, died in the fridge - note to ask for the dressing separately unless you're going to eat it right away. 

How does it compare to Gami? I don't recall sorry, as we had them months apart.
Where do you go for korean fried chicken? Which sauce is your favorite?

Later on we'd dine at Gami and Nene on Liz St.

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