Sunday 10th Feb

I love the idea of growing our own food  (just for fun not serious or anything) things like stone fruit, summer fruits, tomatoes for that basil/tomato/bocancini. Like my great grandma used to make, every summer she'd harvest stuff grandpa grew in his garden, and made all the preserves for the year, for family friends and all the church fetes. Anything she could preserve she would, she made the best caramelized onion jam. But also tomato sauce, all things chili, jams and chutney. With one of my favourite things - mason jars! By what I reckon is witchcraft nothing ever went off. One day we'll make all these things too - it's a part of the five year plan. Which I've been told is ambitious. :P

This year we're delighted to be attending the 5th year of the long lunch at the 19th year of the sustainability living festival. Hosted by... abc gardening guy Costa Georgiadis, to celebrate local growers and promote, well eating local produce (which costs a lot more than anything imported from china). 

 The Great Local Lunch  // National Sustainable Living Festival

The produce is transported to the GLL chefs – who do not know the type and quantities of produce they will receive. After receiving the produce, our GLL chefs design a four-course menu and set about cooking up for over 200 guests.

Kombucha - Orange turmeric. & Strawberry ginger.

Crostini (Dench Bakery) w tomato and foraged leaves, with carrot top pesto. Parmesan rinds & garlic infused olive oil, with mozzarella (That's Amore Cheese).

('Has beans') coffee ground marinated beetroot dip with (Mt Zero) mixed olives
(Burd eggs) fritata with Parmesan crust, kale/stems, dandelion and mixed leaves, olives

Rose Creek Estate Olive Oil + Dench Bakery Sourdough

(Rayner's Orchid) Stone fruit, cucumber, mint, basil, warrigal beans, sliced almonds, (Meredith Dairy) goat feta, balsamic reduction cooked with citrus skins

Mt zero green lentils, tomatoes, plantain salt bush, purslane, 
salted zucchini, green onions, sweet chili dressing

Life cykel mushrooms, summer grown and foraged greens and leek top ash, Mount Zero EV olive olive, garlic lime and chili

Pumpkin seeds-skin-flesh, fried onion rings with skin, carrot, wild brassica and radihs, sage, and red wine vinaigrette

Von's Vegan Bakehouse Lemon and rosemary sponge with 
wild blackberry frosting with seasonal and foraged berries

Such a lovely day for a great event encouraging backyard gardens, 
growing and eating local. Now if only the cost of the ideal life was sustainable. :P

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