Sunday 18th March

We're having a party! A pretty chill one, which is really something because I'm someone who loves picking things like stationary, napkins and party bags (I forgot the party bags). Instead of going all out as I usually do: booking a venue, rooftop dinner, huge balloons, furniture hire, permits, chefs and all that jazz, oh and live music (strings quartet and baby grand); we just had it at Strike, ordered food & drinks, and got a cake from the freezer (an ice cream cake).

Thanks to Strike I won $500 to spend and the timing was perfect, with everyone back from holidays. This is one of the coolest things I've won, along with two hotel stays, an exclusive donut factory tour, kayaking experience, high tea and my first win: gold class tickets and food.

Through emails with Katelyn (Strike GW) we arranged a time/date, food/drink options and packages. The contract was signed online too, with a phone confirmation. All we had to do was turn up, bring a balloon, cake and the guests. Never has planning a party been so easy!

With a 1pm booking, we checked-in, popped our names down for the board (turns out we all have boy names listed, except Andy's girl) and swapped out shoes. 

Tip - Bring socks, if you're not wearing them already. Red and shiny with velco straps these are easier and prettier than the lace up AMF ones I recall (last time we went bowling was high school).

Been more of an adult but not "adult" ;) venue they don't sell balloons, so we bought our own. Huge numbers or a giant light up well lights are popular, but no I'm not a photo person, and going with the retro theme we just bought a red balloon from Lombards (we were really lucky to find a party shop open on a Sunday out here).

We played two games, had 6 jugs of soda/fruit juice (some of us are alcoholics, more than one), veg/dips platter (serves 10), fish tacos (15 serves), chicken & chips (15 serves), pizza and a drink card each (for tap beer, wine, soda). For 10 people that's the minimum. Serve 15 on most platters. There are also burger options. We started off healthy so that counts XD. 

Dips & Crudités Platter 

Crispy Buttermilk Chicken & Beer Battered Chips with 
Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce (we didn't actually get sauce otd).

Fish Tacos. Grilled - Served with shredded red cabbage, 
fresh mexican salsa yoghurt & thyme dressing in a Tortilla Wrap

Cheese Pizza!

The food came at a steady rate, though drinks were slow, so we ended up with 4 jugs at the end/bar. The booking time is for the booth/play area, for 10 people we got two lanes. There are 6 lanes in total, best to book. After the games we moved over to the bar for cake and drinks. They provided spoons and reusable plates.

Being a Sunday it wasn't anywhere near as loud/crazy/bar-ish as I'd expected, with one other kid's party, so it was pretty chill. No sticky floors or anything. There's a few bar tables around for waiting, $3 games of pool and they do escape rooms here too.

With a retro-ish theme party we bought the classic classic Peter's ice cream three colour cake ($13 from the freezer). Tastes exactly as expected, though could have used more sprinkles... I'm totally cool with a low key not trendy cake, as we've had a great wedding cake this week already, and high tea yesterday. 

Service was very friendly, though a bit slow with the drinks. Overall a great experience, with minimal planning required in person (compared to my usual events). They forgot the sauce on one of the dishes and water, but other than that it was all good, the food too, average good but not bad. I've rated it 4/5 on zomato for the experience, of a fun retro party. The main feature was bowling with friends. 

Sunday afternoon was absolutely the perfect time, for someone who isn't keen on clubbing. I much prefer going to the theatre and dinner, my ideal of a great night out doesn't involve loud music, strobe lighting or sticky floors.

Definitely recommended for a fun and easy minimal set-up/clean up/damage afternoon with friends. The bill would have been $500 for 10 kids ($50pp, minimum) though think we had 8 (2 didn't turn up till the end, but meh it's all about me!). 

Ticking 'bowling party' off my party theme list! We've still got 50s, Camelot, Fantasy, Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian themes on the list. Half these parties will end up being balls and dinner parties with chamber orchestras.

In hindsight we should have made this bowling party a 50s theme, and gone to a diner afterwards for fries, shakes and cake. But still we had a great time!

Strike Bowling Bar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

GW Eats: Workshop Brothers @ Friday, July 26, 2019

Friday 16th Feb 

Workshop Bros has been on our to eat list ever since they moved to town, into a millennial pink approved cave like interior on main street. Don't loiter or ever sit outside, the fishmonger is next door.

As I freelance I like to meet clients out and about, for coffee, and so this is one of my favourite spots (when you get parking), especially as they have the Kaya Latte, which is coconuty and quite nice.

Mr Ok-O-Nomi-Yaki  - Cabbage and carrot fritters, poached egg, cucumber, 
coriander, sesame seeds, togarashi, tonkatsu sauce and kewpie mayo.

Breakfast with Fred, he's a simple man with simple taste. He says he doesn't like the green (cucumber) and is disappointed it's not steak... this was after letting me order for him. Sadly he did not me try this dish, but it sounds really good.

Sweet HK Waffles $20
HK Waffles (those bubble waffles) with dark chocolate parfait, 
yuzu foam, seeds, seasonal fruits, pasion fruit curd.

Who can go past this amazing dish? I mean it has yuzu foam! And high quality matcha ice cream (parma brand?). Dessert for breakfast with Persian fairy floss. We don't normally eat sugar for breakfast (despite being American) but this time we just couldn't resist!

First Thursday in April

Kaya coconuty latte and turmeric lattes.
Seated at the communal table the bar stools are quite nice and swivel.

Workshop Weapon $22 - 200g Spice Wagyu beef pattie, pickled pears & onions, 
mixed lettuce, tomato, mustard mayo, blue cheese on brioche bun with a side of chips.

Andy had a burger that was medium and quite good. I'm surrounded by boys of little words, anyone want to be my dinning companion? :P

Red Velvet Pancakes $19 - Coconut meringue, freeze dried fruits, 
mixed berries, white chocolate soil and mascarpone.

Red velvet pancakes were perfect! With fresh summer berries, micro herbs, freeze dried mandarin, strawberry jam like sauce, meringues and cream. Yum! I love this much more than our American grid waffles and the hk egg waffles.

Delighted that they have Little Bertha cakes.

Service was very friendly. There's a bar though they don't serve till 11am.

They are related to Homi (we love the feed me menu, that place reminds me of a nightclub - but clean, so if you like quite go earlier in the week).

Since our visit Workshop Bros have moved from GW to Southbank.

Workshop Brothers Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Bridge Rd Eats: Hayashi 291 @ Thursday, July 25, 2019

Thursday 15th Feb 2018 

Dinner at Hayashi 291 at the corner of Bridge x Church st. On of the rare places open till 11pm tonight. Being late we were the only ones there.

We started with a special traditional sushi platter which was a lot bigger than expected. I tried eel for the first time ever. Nope too soft and the texture is bleh to me. But sushi is always a good idea.

He had the eel in a bucket which he really liked.

The teriyaki salmon was quite good. Served with coleslaw and potato salad. We added rice and miso to make it a combo. Though you probably don't need it.

Service was very friendly.

Hayashi 291 Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

GW Eats - Ohsso Korean @ Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Tuesday 13 February 

Dinner at Ohsso Korean. Concrete neon and wooden deco reflects the young trendy clientele, though it reminds me a little of a night club but less loud and not dirty or sticky. This place wasn't here last time we looked. Papparich is gone.

Milkis $3 - this is the korean version of calpris (jap) which is a milky soda we like.

51. Ohsso Japchae (Pork) $15
Sweet potato noodles stir fried with onions, spinach, bell pepper, 
mushrooms served with oyster sauce instead, oh and pork of course. 

The japchae was quite good though was a bit hot for me as my nose objected to the hint of heat. Portions were HUGE! Dishes came a solid 18mins apart so we'd thought they'd pop two dishes on one plate.... So I accidentally ate the pork. I'm still upset about that.

50. Beef japchae $15
Sweet potato noodles stir fried with onions, spinach, 
bell pepper, mushrooms served with a sweet soy base (beef).

Eventually my beef japchae arrived (which was actually better as there was a deeper flavour with the mushrooms) but we were on our way to dessert. 

The mango sorbet was nice. 

Service was friendly but very odd, that the mains weren't served at the same time.

Off peak they have a student offer, yes I'll return for japchae - but this time double confirm it's beef.

Ohsso Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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