GW Eats - Ohsso Korean @ Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Tuesday 13 February 

Dinner at Ohsso Korean. Concrete neon and wooden deco reflects the young trendy clientele, though it reminds me a little of a night club but less loud and not dirty or sticky. This place wasn't here last time we looked. Papparich is gone.

Milkis $3 - this is the korean version of calpris (jap) which is a milky soda we like.

51. Ohsso Japchae (Pork) $15
Sweet potato noodles stir fried with onions, spinach, bell pepper, 
mushrooms served with oyster sauce instead, oh and pork of course. 

The japchae was quite good though was a bit hot for me as my nose objected to the hint of heat. Portions were HUGE! Dishes came a solid 18mins apart so we'd thought they'd pop two dishes on one plate.... So I accidentally ate the pork. I'm still upset about that.

50. Beef japchae $15
Sweet potato noodles stir fried with onions, spinach, 
bell pepper, mushrooms served with a sweet soy base (beef).

Eventually my beef japchae arrived (which was actually better as there was a deeper flavour with the mushrooms) but we were on our way to dessert. 

The mango sorbet was nice. 

Service was friendly but very odd, that the mains weren't served at the same time.

Off peak they have a student offer, yes I'll return for japchae - but this time double confirm it's beef.

Ohsso Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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