Charlie & Co. dined as guests.

Located at the intersection before Monash is Rambo's kebabs with hsp! Starting up 5yrs ago they were the size of two parking spaces but now have expanded to be a permanent feature.

While it's mainly a takeaway spot like most gas station kebab trucks there's some seating on the side, perfect today in the sunshine, though there's a shed on the other side too.

Recently they've come up a hsp burger topped with 23k carot gold! Along with the hsp combo there's also lettuce, onion and tomato, in a traditional bun. With a choice of three sauces, we went for the garlic and bbq.

Surprisingly it wasn't anywhere near as messy as I'd expected (me and burgers), with sauce dripping everywhere, but if you prefer more sauce you definitely could ask. I like it but don't love it, for me I love a brioche bun, whereas this is a more tradition bun. 

We paired the burger with a mixed meat salad and it actually tasted pretty healthy! I asked and they do do them with salads too, with the meats, for those trying to be healthy. 

Along with the usual drink offerings at gas Station HSP places they also do a yoghurt drink (salty lassi) and our favorite mango lassi!

A quick eat open late, and they deliver a gold topped burger is sure to impress!

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