Cheap Eats @ Crossways (Vegetarian) @ Thursday, August 01, 2019

A Friday in February 2018 

Crossways is a well known very cheap  (the cheapest?) vegetarian/vegan cheap eat on  main street opposite city hall. On the first block from flinders there are two other vegetarian places which might be in the same category. Being vegetarian they're lentil based.

Up a fight of stairs is a large dinning hall (large for this area) with a bain marie at one end, and communal tables. An introverts nightmare!! But we went at 7pm and didn't have to sit next to people, not even diagonally. It's 30 today, so a bit humid in here but no where as suffocating as expected (though I think that's social anxiety talking) with air machines.

There's a set menu and today it's chickpea and veggies in yoghurt sauce, balsamic rice. The chick peas are under cooked, the curry makes my nose run... Yes I know I'm weak. The spices are similar reminding me of a vegan lasagna from a place near melb uni.

All you can eat (of the same dish), $7 concession, $9 standard. 50c more for takeaway.
How crazy is that? The menu is predictable and changes daily. Prices are from 2019, pictures aren't.

For lunch there's papadrum sides and drinks with dinner. Lassi or cordial. The lassis is lightly sweetened, oh wow it's good! Water based yoghurty.  The fear of salted lassis was real, hence my reluctance. Not sure how clean those cups are...

Almond toffee fudge for dessert, a semolina (wheat) based dessert is kinda fascinated with bits of pineapple inside. I think it's called halva, a semolina pudding.

The guys working there were friendly.

Will I be back? Nope, curry is too hot for me and not really a fan. And the fear of people talking to me... The place attracts a varied crowded though tonight it was mainly Indians & co. and a lot of backpackers.

Are you a fan of these places? 

Crossways Food For Life Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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