Crazy Eats @ Hot Star Fried Chicken @ Tuesday, August 06, 2019

A Thursday Night in March 

Hello Hot Star! We might be the country that invented the deep fryer but I don't actually eat that much deep fried stuff. We've seen hot star many times and agreed perhaps it was a try once thing (along with the deep fried corn dog and mars bar) but never actually gotten around to it, though today with the 50% original slab almost the size of my face it was an offer too good to refuse.

As I predicted it to be a once off (Like many things in my life) I went for a combo for +4.50.

Sweet potato fries with a plum seasoning ($4), it was just like Ghost Kitchen! But more of a hint rather than rolled around in. Will get again, but ask for extra seasoning.

Hot Star Chicken $8.50

The chicken was huge!! And light yellow in color (fresh oil). I can only do half... juicy succulent and tender. Salt and pepper was light and just right. The girl next to me highly recommended the chili agreeing she's never managed to finish one off herself.

I think the best ideal is to buy this and go back to the office and share it, that or ask for it to cut in half to share. As I definitely want to get it again, maybe just once, to share. But really you can't save half for tomorrow, as anything fried needs to be consumed here and now.

Service was quick and very friendly. I got the last fanta so it was meant to be.

Excellent packaging, easy to hold and run with (for the train).

Are you a hot star fan? Can you eat an entire slab?

Hot Star Large Fried Chicken 豪大大雞排 Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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