Charlie 7& Co. dined as guests. 
Tuesday 10th September

I totally didn't see those eyes before uploading this picture!

It was just last month that our local mall 'The Glen' set at the end of the Glen Waverley line revealed a new outdoor (but undercover) dining precinct with all these familiar city chains, but also some totally new places. There two Korean places at The Glen, familiar deep fried, and BBQ a station over, but now there's a third! And one that doesn't require a group or gloves.  

Located up the escalator is 'Masizzim' which translates to ‘delicious stew’ and refers to its authentic Galbi Jjim meat stews starring slow cooked beef or pork short ribs made from founder Lee Dong-Jin’s mother’s original recipes.

There isn't beef Bulgogi or japchae but plenty of mainly pork rice dishes, fun sides but what Masizzim is know for is their stews. They also do these fun roll-your-own rice balls called Fist Rice.

A theme of stone and wood, warm but modern.

Cheese Egg Roll - Fluffy rolled omelette oozing melted mozzarella cheese.

But first we had to try the cheesy egg roll, the melty cheese is in middle, so start from the middle. Super thin rolled omelette. Such a classic combo, cheese egg and tomato sauce.

Gotchujang stir fried pork

Thin strips of pork marinated in a spicy sauce stir-fried with cabbage and onion.

The sauce/stir fry juice that's going though the meat and all the seasoning was so good, he just wanted more. Every mouthful needs a bit of everything. Must get again for sure.
Rate as level 2 on levels of spiciness, next time level 4! The waitress recommended level 3.
If you're getting this as a main (no entree) get rice with it.

Levels of Spice:
1 white people spice (me)
2 actual spice
3 very
4 raised on spice (him)

Soy Beef Stew - Premium pork/beef/chicken stew marinated in Masizzim's secret sauce until meltingly tender and irresistibly flavorful. With your choice of chewy glass noodles or udon, topped with topokki, mushrooms and spring onion. 

Spicy food makes me cry, yes I'm weak, and so I had the soy beef broth which has great depth it was rich and sweet but just the right kind of sweetness. There was a choice of udon or cellophane noodles. The beef melts in your mouth and falls off the bone easily, marinated in the secret sauce it was amazing.     

Did I mention we got extra cheese? The cheese pull was amazing, with long strings.

Fernando was excited about all the levels of spice, though opted for this dish as I'd ordered the stew. He's coming back to get this but extra hot.

Oh and do be careful the pot is very hot! I like to distance my accident prone self with a bowl in between me and an accident waiting to happen. The candle is surprisingly efficient at keeping the food hot. 

All the sides! Pickled onions, kimchi, fish cake. 

Mango Cheesecake Bingsu - Delicate milk snowflakes covered 

with chunks of mango and cheesecake topped with vanilla ice cream.

How does one describe bingsu? It's like shaved ice, but with milk, so fluffy and magical. A summer dessert with fun toppings. Often whatever the size it's best shared. It's pretty awesome, and his first time trying it.

Chocolate Bingsu - Delicate milk snowflakes covered with chunks of chewy 

chocolate brownie, chocolate chips, syrup finished with vanilla ice cream.

It's winter but we'll do it, wearing puffy coats! A shaved frozen milk with the texture of powdery snow, wow. He's never had anything like this, the brownie cubes were a hint dry but totally fine with the rest of the dessert. A delicious thick shake at the end.

I swear the small serves two, as these were huge!

Delicious affordable Korean with cool vibes, this is the place to go for a quick dinner or with friends. We're coming back for everything we tried again, and dumplings next time too.

While we were invited and so can't comment on service, I do have to say Brenda was super friendly and warm. We actually also returned later during the week for lunder and the service was just as great, and the flavours consistently delicious. 

Have you explore the new dinning area at The Glen?
What's your go to Korean dish? Let us know in the comments below.

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