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Berry Much x Sugar Cane Juice
Sugarcane, strawberries, lime, raspberries & blackberries

Out and about it's almost festival season with the warmer weather (with previews of summer), and that means all the festival foods, like those potato twists, a giant tornado of pastel cotton candy. On the drinks side we have things served in fruit, though we thought deeply about it and one of our absolute favourite festival drinks has to be sugar cane juice! Coming in second is fresh coconut juice, from a coconut, preferably with a paper umbrella. XD

In the past few years during Christmas we work(ed) at the local mall and discovered Saccha Juice Bar! But not all the juices, just sugar cane. But with all the cold press extracts, Australian made and owned. No syrups, just fresh, natural and real. Hence there are seasonal flavours. Not only does it taste great, but it's also is low GI, high in antioxidant and packed with vitamins and minerals.

How is different from the sugar cane carts around in asian towns? The service, there's no yucky bits (fibres) at the bottom, the price isn't dependent with how much ice you want, and it's all natural and Australia. Prices are around $6.50 for a small to $9 for large, and $15-ish for a litre.

We caught up with one of the owners, Sasha (spelt differently from the brand, no it's named after him :P) to find out more. He's the one we always see around these days, always super friendly, fun and suggesting new flavours to try. I didn't think I'd like a hot sugar cane juice with ginger, but I was wrong. 

Knowing what he wanted to do early in life Sasha has lived the chef life, been an Angliss graduate (the leading cooking school here) and specialized in French cuisine. Though he traveled the world and fell in love with sugar cane juice, and brang it back to Australia. With lots of research and exploration he found the best quality sugar cane available, a 16 months consumable cane. 

Starting out at at festival and events the juice bar has been around for twelve years, and seven years at Dandenong Market, and has opened at The Glen about two years ago, outside Safeway/Woolsworth (under where David Jones was). You can also find them at festivals and events, follow them on instagram to find out where they are next. 

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