10th January 2020

Checking out a fun new snack spot at Ella Melbourne that we've been fascinated with. A skewers place, so many options including all the shrooms, some meat, dumplings and all those things you can get in young tofu soup (at least I think that's what it's call). They also have all those weird ingredients like tripe and chicken feet!

You can get your skewers grilled or fried (we let the chef choose) and varying levels of spicy (none please).

We had (L-R) enoki mushrooms, tiny prawn dumplings, chicken, fried oyster mushrooms. Lightly seasoned, it good and a try once snack.

Might be back for sweet potato fries w sour prune powder $7 and fried banana $5, if they use the lady finger one. They do mains too, though they're all foreign and I didn't recognize any of the dishes.

Damage: $2.80 each, min 4
But I bought a Groupon for $8

Service was friendly. Plenty of seats in the area.

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