2019 - 2020. This post is a little late, so covers reviews back when this place was authentic and good (2019) till now (2020) under new management it is no longer Japanese but Chinese. What a shame, it used to be really good.

March 2019

Dinning at Osaka Bench, a new place a block away from the office, I've seen it before but this time required a map to find but it's right next to Chatime. The reason I heisted to visit was because I'm not a fan of Chinese made Japanese food, though at the time this wasn't the case.

Their signature dish is a cabbage pancake, okonomiyaki, with these two amazing sauces.

The menu is limited, though I suspect what they do they do well. It's quite cheap. 

It's a small eatery, a friendly place, good for a quick meal or takeaway. Great for 1-2 people though for groups you might prefer to get takeaway. Bring your bag hooks as space is limited.

Okonomiyaki with Miso & Spicy Squid $13.50

This is the okonomiyaki/omelette they do, and its got squid and so yummy! I'm asking for more sauce next time. By the way you can choose which meat it comes with, but squid is default. So thin and perfect this dish is amazing, I've tried a lot of these over the years and this is one of the best. It's an entree, one to share or a snack for one. Jas had it the next night. 

The Next Night

Takeaway tonight as we're on our way to a show. The omirice was kinda like fried rice wrapped within a beautiful omelette that's so perfect with jap curry sauce. I'd get this again too, it's very filling and only $11!

April 2019

Teriyaki Salmon Bento $16. Nope, wasn't teriyaki also tiny serving. Half deep fried, prawn, spring roll and chicken. Needs kewpie mayo. Average, wont get again.

P.S. If you're after teriyaki salmon nearby check out 'Yuzu' in Degraves (but not on a Sunday) they have a great $14 rice dish we often get.

Back Again - August

Love that omirice. 


Suyuki beef bowl $9.50, a large serving, though didn't lack in quality or flavour at all. Not too salty, but just right. Would get again. Yes I do eat on the train/tram a lot, while going from one meeting to another.

One of my top two dishes to order here. 

Cheap and quick lane way dinners on a Tuesday. A quick dash before an evening out, I found the beef a bit chewy. The cabbage pancake was just as good as always though. 


January 2020 - under new management

A late lunch this place I feel has changed. The menu has expanded and as well as the hours. But I'm almost certain this place is Chinese... they do have a lot of fans which is nice (new), luckily my hair is pinned down today.

We ordered the cabbage pancake, it comes with miso on the bland though not salty side. To contrast the squid sauce was very very salty!!! And a hint spicy. The pancake is thicker than I recall and not the same that we've returned for many times.

Think our last visit was around mid year last year before the ballet, it's changed since then. Service too, I noticed Chinese customers received better service, also somehow all the knives were dirty... sadly we won't be returning. 

On the upside this place now had crazy opening hours, on par with kebab places. Also the menu is huge and well chinese... While the majority of "Japanese" places are in fact chinese, this one is just straight up chinese food from osaka, japan...

Summery: No longer Japanese, this place is now Chinese and not as good. 
This last review is for the new place, but all the good reviews are sadly no longer applicable. 

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