High Tea @ CWA HQ (Toorak) @ Monday, February 10, 2020

Sunday 2nd February

On the first Sunday of each month the Country Women's Association (CWA) hosts a high tea at their HQ in Toorak, we've always wanted to go, and by coincidence we saw an ad on fb and were free that day! It's in the afternoon which is perfect as we've not morning people. 

The food was very good, there was definitely more (or just more filling) than the last tea we went to at The Windsor. More classics rather than modern glossy domed desserts. The sandwiches were perfect, chicken and egg. A bite of a sausage roll, so good and diet size friendly. A wrap thing replaced the usual quiche, I'm not too sure about the fit of the chicken tostadas, but it was good.

On to desserts we had the most fascinating green cake. Which I'd thought was pandan but instead was a jelly cake, I've never had this before! Lime flavoured. The pannocotta was the perfect size, a brownie, lemon hard meringue tart, and perfect scone. 

Scone with jam and cream. By this point we're struggling. Definitely over ate. 

Wow that was a lot of food, but we did it! Well except for half a brownie and crusts. We made our own milk tea (tea/coffee selection) and also had a second pot of tea with many choices, of which we had the berry one. 

We've actually been here before but have no memory of the food or anything as it was a traumatic experience thanks to unexpected company. Fortunately this experience was vastly different, never have I been more grateful to book a table for one (le beau is busy, first week back to school). 

Service was excellent, I'm biased though as I've met/knew almost everyone working that day. 

We had a great time, over ate and would recommend the experience for a special occasion, for a classic high tea. It's good for groups or singles/couples/trouples. Book fast if you want a time for 8-12 as they do have a private room. I didn't ask, but the best table is the one by the window (we'd return to breakfast here soon).

Would love to attend a tea set in the gardens on a cloudy day.

Damage $50 making it the cheapest high tea still around. High tea is never cheap, unless it's terrible (Hilton, though not cheap) or you got really really lucky (Providence Cafe back in the day). 

Where do you like to have tea? We're working on getting a group together for a DIY high tea, with the tiered plates (hired) with scones and pink lemonade. 

P.S. The CWA also does cooking classes, we did the sponges & scones, and Christmas one. And also stayed there, at the bnb. Reviews coming soon, shall link them here.

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