Tuesday 21st January  

From the creators of Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tart and PAFU, Kurimu brings another Japanese dessert/snack. About a month or so ago Kurimu silently popped up at the local mall bringing that beautiful choux we've been meaning to try from Melbourne Central to The Glen as well as Hokkaido cheese tarts! 

There's quite a few fillings for the choux and croissants though I've yet to spot match and yuzu. I'm also a sucker for taro, meanwhile le beau's after dulce le leche and keen to try pork floss.

The Menu - Cheese tarts, choux, coffee pan, ice pops, croissants

Our picks on our first visit - one of each of thing we haven't tried, well from here that is.

So what is a Kurimu? It's a long éclair, filled with a crème custard filling and covered in a nutty crème patisserie topping. Website says "choux pastry filled with creamy custard and topped with crunchy almonds. Comes in three flavours: Original Cream Custard, Strawberry & Chocolate". Baked fresh on site daily and filled to order.

Original Choux $4 - So good w crispy bits on top it's quite different from say an eclair. More dense but still light, and smaller diameter but longer. Would recommend I like it but don't love it, perhaps a try twice thing. 

The Inside 

Well that's just sad isn't it? The filling. I expected more...

Strawberry Charcoal Croissant $7

Charcoal is just a color said the girl. So big, light and magical! With a bit of strawberry filling, yes it is made with the real stuff but it was also a tad artificial with a strawberry pocky like flavour (I'm a pocky addict). Much bigger than the cru+ strawberry one, but at similar prices I prefer the cru one, which is strawberries and cream. 

At first only The Glen had the croissants but now the city is getting them too! They come in:  Original, Charcoal with Custard Cream (also seen with Salted Caramel and other variations), Salted Egg, Mentaiko (Salted Cod Roe) & Pork Floss with Mayo.

Damage $11, no regrets. We'll be back to try other croissants for sure! Choux are a maybe if they do extra special flavours like yuzu.


Delighted to see they've released the croissants that were exclusive to The Glen at the Melbourne Central branch. Though it's a small spot than The Glen hence less flavours.

By luck after school they (Glen location) were still open a little after 6pm on a Tuesday.

We discovered the salted egg is sweet, that's so crazy!
We're actually here for a savory one to complete the review, but ended up getting both as they were about to close, hello BOGOF.

Chicken Floss $6
It was beautiful! Light and magical. There was a spread inside, savory, perhaps an eggy base, unfamiliar. The floss was fascinating, not salty as expected but subtle in flavor, savory and perfect.

Salted Egg (Sweet) $6

This was absolutely amazing, it's going on my monthly highlights list!! It was indeed sweet, but there was that perfect balance of sweet and salty. Wow. If you only try one thing from Kurimu, this is the one to try.

The salted egg is definitely my favorite here (of the 3 I've had) and in our top 4, which includes the durian (luxbite), lychee rose raspberry (not sure where that's from), strawberry (cru+, upstairs).

Wow that was amazing!

Service was very friendly as always.

Have you tried their choux? Thoughts? Love that they're filled as you order them.

Tip - Get takeaway and sit at the food court upstairs, or the outdoor one. Don't let the black one influence the flavour you pick, it's just a colour and taste same as a yellow/normal colored one.

Kurimu Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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