Saturday 15th February 

Recently we won an ice cream competition so headed up a stop or two past 'The Moldy Fig' (great New Orleans food), north side about 20mins from the city. 

A Malaysian gelato place that we wished was closer to the city, they had a couple classic but mostly unique small batch flavours including durian, teh Tarik, black glutinous rice? Pistachio, Turkish delight and milo!! 

We also got a glimpse of their past menus which included pandan coconut, cendol and pumpkin!

I had the teh tarik and durian (right), she had the Turkish delight and glutinous rice (left).

They've been around for almost two years, and there's more seats in the back. 
Service was very friendly.

Think Pipelot but smaller with an awesome rotating menu (we do love Pipelot too, around the corner from the office), while there is vanilla and oddly vegan chocolate you won't find cotton candy, cookies and cream, or any Ben & Jerry-esque flavours. 

We'll definitely be back when in town!

Do you have any local gems for when it comes to ice cream? 

Beku Gelato Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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