Summer Days // Mov'in Bed - Outdoor Bed Cinema @ Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Feb 2020 

We've done Ben & Jerry's Movie on the Beach, VIP (Open Air Cinemas), at the mansion gardens (Barefoot Cinema), drive in (car provided with in car service) and now in bed on the beach! Next is probably in seats/donuts floating in a pool.

Arriving around 8pm (nina had arrived at 7pm to get a good spot, she did well) it was perfect to get some shots and catch that lovely sunset, though it was hazy, the sand went right out. Think the next movie thing could be beach chairs- but over water, or those pool donuts.

If you arrive before the movie bed area opens there's a cool bar area that's perfect for a 10pm party under the fairy lights on the sand (last pic). Food is limited to a 'good times' menu featuring pizza, fries, shakes and fish & chips. Omg fish and chips in bed on the beach! Alas at $22 that ain't happening. Security thoroughly searched all our bags on the way in too (mainly for wine).

Watching the sunset, it was hazy though not smokey. The water doesn't start till way out, so sadly (?) no chance of us floating on the beds. But you gotta admit that would be pretty cool.

  Tonight the whether was absolutely perfect, no a breeze, cardi weather, not cold or hot.

I have questions - like are you really asian if you wear shoes in bed? Also shout out to Nina who has her arm in a cast but that hasn't stopped her from living her best life, and texting me back fast. 

The red boxes are lights btw.

We saw 'Jojo Rabbit' which was traumatizing as a bunny lover, though a light comedy, jas didn't think it was a good as expected, but I didn't really know what to expect. Jojo and his two best friend scenes were the best, also the camping weekend XD what happened to no man left behind? Lol doesn't apply when your friend is Adolf. While the mother was fun we didn't approve of what she did, even if she thought it was the right thing (obviously she did). The contrast of the mentor figure was nice. The ending wasn't quite right, but we did like the plotline of jojo's second best friend. 

Recommended? Movie - Yes but wait for it to be online. Experience - Yes! I might be an events planner but I doubt I can get private rental of a beach and the permits to get a giant screen out there. And knowing me we'll be floating out to sea on it with Wilson.

The experience of eating and watching a movie in bed, on the beach was pretty cool, so glad we did it! It's like $80 per couple or $100 for a trouple. It's a hint squishy with 3 in a queen bed but perfect for one, two is ideal. Though as long as no one moved we're good. You can get cheaper byo seats/picnic rug, but I wouldn't recommend it, it was be like flying standard when everyone else is flying business class and that's just sad, to be at an event and have fomo right there.

Tip - They sold tix via groupon for $75 (couple) + booking fee, ugh. Also the bed is a mattress on a wooden frame and not a blow up like in the picture, for St Kilda.

How/where do you like to watch your movies?

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