Victoria St Eats // Thanh Nga Nine @ Thursday, February 13, 2020

Friday 5th October 2018

Dinner at Thanh Nga 9, Modern Vietnamese. The idea of sitting by the window is nice, but smokers... so we retreated to the back corner.

Soda Beaten Egg & Milk $4.50 & Durian Smoothie $5.50

Jas had an egg soda which foamed up and was the colour of condense milk. Would get again. Unlike how he felt about my durian smoothie, he'd forgotten in that instant what durian is. I loved it, he hated it XD

Steamed Prawn Dumplings $10
Very good prawn dumplings with a peanut butter hoisin based sauce.

Mini prawn pancakes w coconut milk $13 (first item on the menu)

Crispy fried pancakes with mung bean and prawn, a little oily. Served with chili sauce and coconut. So crispy, so good! These weren't the mini yellow pancakes I was expecting, but one large one cut up but crispier and ate like finger food - till the sauce runs down your arm.

Drop Noodles with Crab $15

Egg drop noodles (banh ganh?), the broth was a bit sweet and reminded him of cup of soup concentrate. Eek. But he's had this dish before at Homi (RIP) and loved it there.

Beef in Betel Leaf w Fine Vermicelli $16

This is beef in betel leaves (the black thing) and one of my favorite dishes from my college days. It comes with a plate of fragrant and fresh herbs, we love it with thai basil and mint!
I'd get this again for sure. 

Being Modern Vietnamese (seems cleaner than the average) with fluent no accented staff (well the manager anyway) it costs a little more than average. Music is giving my night club modern young people vibes.

Service was very friendly.

We got 35% off through eatclub and the bill came to $42 for drinks, entree and mains.

Friday 5th July 2019

A safe option (I barely feel safe in this area alone, even in daylight) by the tram stop was Thanh Nga 9, as we've been here before and can get a discount via eatclub (30% tonight).

Unfortunately it's a Friday night and it's a little before 6pm, I'm the only person here but the loud music as pre-club Vibes. Alas we're more like opera/classical music person... but that kinda music played on the streets is designed to reply youths. 

Avocado smoothie, It was perfect.
Jackfruit smoothie. Taste like potato warm he said XD $4

Some of the cutlery wasn't clean...

Beef in betel leaf with vermicelli came with a huge dish of green things! Including mint and thai basil 

We've been here a few times, it's often loud, but the food is good.

February 2020

Dinner at Thanh Nga 9 on Victoria St. At 10pm-ish we were the last ones in, as I'm told this area closes early even on a Saturday Night!

We shared these fried pancakes with coconut milk, they're amazing.

He had a beef stone bowl dish and said it was good but definitely on the fusion side.

I had beef in betel leaf, served with a huge platter of herbs. It's great, I always order this when we eat there, this has to be at least my third visit.

Service was very good, we had a new guy and he did well, and got me the not spicy fish sauce (spicy is the norm).

Good food, pretty clean too. Recommended.
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