July 2018 

Dinner at Paradai, a pun on paradise? Recommend sitting past the counter as you'll feel it when the door opens (this first visit was during winter). On a Monday night 6.20pm I'm the only one dining in, a revolving door of uber eats and takeaway people are going in and out. It's warmer inside especially with the red walls, warm inviting with basket like lampshades.

We order the chicken pad thai, which was huge! It was very good, not as smokey as the one we made the other day. Fresh with crunchy bean sprouts, peanuts, slightly sweet noodles with egg, chicken and tofu. A dish that ticks all the boxes of soft, crunchy and chewy (but not like gummy bears). The spring onion were like inch pipes, I'd perfect it chopped into smaller pieces.

Very satisfying, would definitely get again. Glossy noodles, though not oily.

Deep fried banana and cream (ice cream makes me cough in winter) wasn't as sweet as I'd preferred. In this case leave the mint, it's decorative unless there's also strawberry.
Think this dish is cheaper takeaway

The total came to $21.40.
Service was friendly.

Saturday in March 2020

On a Saturday night Sweet Tamarind (Modern Thai) was fully booked so we went to Paradai Thai (More Traditional) their sister restaurant next door instead. 

Pad Thai $14-ish - Stir fried rice noodle with egg, peanut, tofu, bean shoot 
and spring onion (oddly under the noodle & rice section, not pad/stir fried)

We've been here a few times and order the Pad Thai each time, it's absolutely delicious! Serves 1.5 too. 

Red Duck Curry - Medium Spicy $16.50 + Rice $2.50/3.50
Coconut milk with red curry paste, apple, pineapple, lychee, 
cherry tomato, snow pea, capsicum and basil

He had the duck curry which he really liked, while I found it spicy. Rice is ordered separately, I'm never a fan of that, as a lover of one plate meals for one.

They have a large drink selection and lots of wine.

Service is friendly as always. Tip - Takeaway is cheaper than eat in. 
Delivery from this place is very popular with that constant pinging.

Note - Wouldn't recommend hanging around on this strip btw, I don't feel safe here during the day on my own, as there's a bottle shop nearby and it attracts youths lingering around who've unfortunately we've encountered more than once.

Paradai III Thai Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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