Sunday in Early March 2020

At the Ghibli x MSO Bowl event there were a bunch of food trucks, and among them an ice cream truck, with event specials! As it was Ghibli concert for an extra $6 you can get a half tennis ball chocolate dome. There were other offerings too, with the most popular sellers being salted caramel and redskin. I'm excited about getting redskin another time.

Fomo has us in a 20mins line, we got the first seconds one (free topper), which I'm totally fine with. 

The Menu

Salted caramel ice cream finished off with caramel crunch, 
salted caramel crispy pearls and fairy floss. $9 

Ignore the red, that's lipstick.

Behind the scene - what you don't know is that it was running down my arm and I was trying to balance and get the shot while standing at the very edge of the safety of the picnic rug (because hook worm). We got the salted caramel w honey cereal bits and Persian cotton candy $9. It was perfect. No regrets. I heard the week after they were doing a Pikachu special for Supernova. 

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