Winter Vacation & Rest @ Thursday, July 17, 2014

Last week was a slow one, we had lots of rest and time with le beau. 

Monday 7th July

We do love the old Barbie films, when Barbie was a princess who loved ballet.

A too tired to function day. Finally saw the dr about shoulder pain, and he recommended an $80 painkiller, and a $28 one that may or may not work. Turns out I can't do a freestyle thing with my arm, and it moves like Barbie's arm in that it goes out and in, but not in circles. - The doll that is, princess Barbie is often a ballerina. 

Posted a letter, and bought lasagna + bocconcini for dinner, though idk if that was beef or not 
 and won't be purchasing that again - but other than that it was good.

We watched a few episodes of Korra & Modern Family. The later doesn't really have an order you need to watch it in per season. A good series to have the bg that doesn't require full concentration. Great for when editing 100+ pictures in one shot. 


Today we updated the torrent program and some viruses were installed! Search protect and Trovi, a browser hijacker program.

Not my picture.

Did my nails, light pink as if I mess up it's not as bad. It's streaky. Also the diff btw this and normal np is that this is instantly hard, also means you'll get fibers and stuff embedded in the fibers. This says it lasts up to 2wks. Normal np lasts 3 days for others, but about 7 days for me. So atm I'm going to stick with the regular.

The plug-in is weird, it's upside down covering the power switch. 

Monsters Uni - Before Monster's Inc. A fun movie, definitely recommended.


Another virus has been found (by me) ,adware which comes bundled with freeware or shareware applications downloaded from the Internet. It came with the torrent update yesterday though didn't appear till now.

Dinner with le beau & co, Indian was lovely, though the naan was a bit chewy. Instead of dessert we made lychee & rosewater + mint cocktails. No pictures due to bad lighting, plus we all know what butter chicken looks like. Discovered that naan is $2.80 a piece, last time they mixed it up and gave us 2 plain 0 garlic. 

We watched 'Rio' as it featured soccer, which was nice. I like it but wouldn't watch no.2.


A day packed full of things to do, probs to compensate for doing nothing much for the past week. Our first trip was to Footscray for doughnuts. Deep fried rolled in sugar. I can improve that, roll it in cinnamon sugar. Also create more flavours, like lemon curd, cappuccino custard, raspberry swirl (more custard) etc. 

Though it was meant to be a jam doughnut? 
There was no jam, but inside there was a space for jam...

Back to the city where I (lost) misplaced my cards between the office and station - yes that can happen, it was like two blocks. We saw a cute cop O.O unfortunately he wasn't wearing a badge with his name. He was right in front of me (talking to someone else on the other side of the room) and I didn't speak to him. Though we were in a crowded room. 

We went to the 'Antipodean Steampunk Show' near parliament.

This one's my favourite creation. 

Next we took a short trip to Ripponlea, there's a pop-up cafe 'Couturier' at the stables area (the one with that thing that looked like a giant's finger) to accommodate visitors for the 'Love, Desire & Riches' wedding dresses exhibition going on at the moment. Which we got a sneak peak at today (our tickets are for September). The Devonshire Set seems better value at Como. Wrote about the cafe first as we headed straight there to meet Lily. 

There's a line of confetti that floats in fishing string/wire to guide you through the two floors of the mansion that the exhibition is on. From a picture I thought someone just got lucky, and snapped a picture as someone else threw some confetti into the air.

Carrots for Lucy!

On the way to the station we re-discovered 'Victoria Fruit Palace'.
They have a great range of super fresh berries, though still $$.

We bought some huge apples, perfect for apple pie.
They're open from 6am Mon-Sat. Closing 4pm on Saturday. 

Chicken & Prawn Dumplings $11

Back to the city we got some stuff done, took a nap. And met le beau for a pre-dinner snack.

Yes we did ask le beau to move for this shot, as he was wearing a red sweater.

How was your week?   

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