Armageddon in Melbourne - Part 1 @ Tuesday, November 04, 2014

The annual Armageddon posts, I am not a geek nor do I like sci-fi. But we do love the amazing cosplays and little etsy shops! And sometimes the guests, particularly animation guests and their panels. This year we figured out what that bathroom smells is! It's from the Melbourne Show, and why farm animals are kept outside. 

This post covers almost all the cosplays I took pictures of, not my best because out of convenience I used my phone camera for most of the pictures, which I do regret. Most of these pictures I took, a couple I didn't.   

Disney Princesses - Ariel (Human Form) and Belle & Belle

There's an exit behind me and it's crazy bright!

Beauty & the Beast, Pocahontas & 
Flynn Rider (By Night, Art & Drama Teacher by Day)

This is one of my favourites, Kuzco & Kronk. You need style to pull that off. 
- The Emperor's New Groove -

This is another favourite of mine, Jack Frost as a girl. The paint job is amazing!
Hoping she does commissions for printing on other things.

Elsa's the most popular thing to cosplay as at the moment and last year.
Like version of the Tardis dress I'd love to see more variations.
On the left is Elsa Steampunk version.

Top right Elsa would be perfect as Ursula! We did see Elsa & Jack Frost together but didn't get a picture as a random girl yelled at me about something and we ran off. Wasn't really listening, but she got all mean and judgey. 

Legend of Zelda, I think the blue faerie is Navi a spirit?
Bottom right picture looks like a game somehow... 

Satsuki - My Neighbor Totoro

No Face - Spirited Away
Kiki - Kiki's Delivery Service
Satsuki and Mei - My Neighbor Totoro

Snow White as a Bandit! This was the only OUAT cosplay I saw, would love to see Snow's Wedding Dress and Prince Charming, and more elaborate Evil Queen Dresses, in the past we've seen an EQ or two but not many. Not even when Emma was at Comic-Con.

Hiccup - How to Train Your Dragon
Another favourite.

Ms. Frizzle - The Magic School Bus! I didn't remember her name but vague remembered the dress and books/tv show. This was le beau's favourite cosplay, along with Team Rocket.

How amazing is this Bulbasaur?!
Correction: It's Ivysaur.

Adventure Time - Feathers do Make you look Tall - Unknown & Ariel
I love that Ariel, the leggings are perfect for it.

Knights & Thors

Dr Who's

Colour Blocking. We love wings! And red!

Transformers. I do wonder how their made these outfits?

A evil looking tree from Maleficent. Ponys. Amazing running transformer that didn't fall flat on its face. And some guy from a game, Master Chief (Halo)?

A Gathering of Wizards - The Hobbit or Lord of the Rings?

Batman Villains

Everyone Dance!

Part 2 Coming Up Soon

If you see your picture and want it without the rounded corners and 600x800 email me!

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