One Week Till Exams @ Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Monday 3rd November

Today was spent at the hospital, an hour or more waiting to see the dr for 15mins. Always bring a big book when you know it's going to happen. My book of the day talks about backing-up your resume regularly on a floppy disk... One guy in the waiting room was particularly entertaining, shouting random numbers at different intervals. XD Funny as they don't use a number system.

Waiting... for unknown reasons I thought Zoku's daughter the Fire Lord would be hot?

Halloween Idea, le beau said no to going as twins. XD 

So my wrist, surgery not recommended due to many potential complications and no guarantee of pain free after... We'll just have to restrict it. I regret not going bowling more before this - though that could have activated it earlier on as it was inevitable. Need to rest it by wearing this cast thing, cause apparently I haven't let it rest since, well ever. It's hard when it's your wrist. Today it's hurting though over the years it hurts less, though it's always random. I don't clap or play tennis anymore, not since it happened. 

In a way (working in) events has ruined my life. 

Feeling depressed we had KFC for afternoon tea. It was a good decision at the time. I always like getting their $5 Lunch Boxes.

But then we bought a sword and everything was ok. :) 


The exam has been moved. Not sure if that's a good thing, as it's now in the morning. But I am freaking out a bit as I don't feel ready! 

In non-exam related news I won some cheese! I love cheese! The bad news - there's a catch. You need to buy entry into the event which is $17 (online). I'll pass. 


Today we're feeling not a fan of $$ entry events that pretty much don't include anything. They should at least come with a drink. Though from an events POV it's to cover the cost of all those roaming entertainers. Though most of the time they don't even have those!

Taste of Melb event is $$ for entry, though with so many businesses running competitions it's not hard to win tickets. But if you do buy tickets at least it includes a 30min cooking class (if you get in first).


I barely remember Thursday (it's Sat) and it was as if that day was a distant memory. It started at the station, I got there at 9.15 but didn't get to the office till 10.30, and we're located pretty much a block away. Had a panic attack (thanks to Bella Box) and had to have someone walk me there...  

The rest of the day went better. The ticket inspector was nice. Lunch at Hero Subs, the girl taking orders was nice. We had the #sonny in law $10.80. Fried Chicken + Kimchi Slaw + Sriracha May It was hot! You'll need a drink, preferably a milkshake. ;) 

It was yummy and more filling than it looks. Though I thought it would be bigger, as I'm had the half size before and that was big. But at the end I sure was glad it wasn't. I love fried chicken! But it was a bit hot for me, but still I'd recommend it. 

After lunch we went shopping, oh how nice it is to get out of the house! I feel like I've been inside for a week, and missed the city and the adventures we could have had. Five block is about the same as a stroll around the shops, though felt like a marathon afterwards. 

I love a stationary sale! Notemaker had a well mainly notebook sale, they were still $$ though. But women bought big piles of Moleskins. Never having used one, due to take of a spiral for my pen, I don't get the big deal about them. One lady said if god had a journal, he's have a moleskin, it's like nothing you have ever written on.

We were there for the washi tape, of which there wasn't much of. There was very big and cheap (for the size) rolls though. I plan on getting them cut up to have 1.5cm rolls instead of 5/10cm. We bought 4 for $5. The small rolls were $2.50 each or 5 for $10 but I couldn't find 10 I liked.

Back to the office for a meeting, with the topic of 'I have a vague idea of what to do with my life'. I don't like research and yet if I don't do honours/masters I don't know what to do. Next time we're working on getting internships next year, less annual events, but more details. Quality over quantity.  

Nap time followed, by a trip to Lindt with Collins. It was so empty on a Thursday night due to location. I would suggest having a different thing on at night, change the lighting and music. Make it into a date dessert restaurant.

I do like that dress, though it doesn't suit me.

Fast walked our way to the State Theatre. Behind the curtain was a stunning marble looking set, inspired/replicated from temples in Rome. Preview for Tosca.

Have you ever thought this part looks like a really cool 
headpiece during the Victorian/Tudor era? 


A day were oddly I woke up early, 7.30am. Which I don't like, as I have limited battery and will be crazy tired by evening. And evening is when all the good events happen.

Took some pictures outside, we found this great patch of oxeye daisies (Leucanthemum vulgare) that well, was great! Got some pictures for instagram. Look for the washi tape.

Off to a meeting, so lucky we crossed the street just as the bus was coming. Often meetings are at cafes, so we get the opportunity to try many new places.  

Max Brenner this week, $6.80 white hot chocolate was the perfect combo of chocolaty and creamy. While Lindt is chocolaty and Koko is creamy. Chokolait is pure chocolate, a chocolate induced coma. I love the hug mug they served it in.

Why is hot chocolate always so $$ when it's from a chocolate cafe?  

It took me 1.5hrs to finally get on the train :P We made a few stops along the way. Including checking out shoes, found one I like (but don't love) shall get that one. But I can't find it online?

To the city! Where the IT room smells like hot cinnamon donuts. And no one knows the easy answer to how to print two spreadsheets on different tabs double-sided on A3. 

Grabbed a 20c slushie on the way to a meeting where we talked about well the sugar in drinks and juice... :P The journey was not pleasant, hot and crowded on the tram. On the way back a chinese couple talked the whole time - I can't stand that language and it's hurting me!

Back to the apartment where we crashed. No work was done that day. The pet project referred to above would be the exams that life are put on hold for. 


We're still on exams. :( Doesn't mean we can't experience the same/similar things despite not being together. :P The afternoon was spent at a concert at Hamer Hall (for le beau) and at home for me. 'Sir Andrew conducts James Ehnes in Berlioz and Beethoven'. I love that part in Beethoven’s Symphony Number 7, 2nd Movement.  It starts low and mysterious.  Slowly, very slowly, builds to a powerful, yet melancholy, finish. 

Le beau says it was perfect in 'The King's Speech' which I have yet to see. Have you seen it? 


A later start today, though still no work done. We went shopping and that was productive. You know what I love best about spring racing? The end of it, other than the horse thing we've posted about it's also when headpieces are on sale!

We went to Eastland, to pick-up some shoes and on the way scored two $5 headpieces from Lovisa. I love Lovisa, but not since they've gone offline. Which is great for Colette, as they have no online Australia competition now. 

I had the shoes picked out the other day but ended up going with a different pair, which didn't have the wide straps across making it very Koszo-like. It's called the 'Scoot' which is funny cause my human bff from middle school was Scott (she goes by Scottie though) but I had a high tendency to spell her name as 'Scoot'. This one had velco which le beau disproves of,  I think it's funny. Why is there velco anywhere else but on a child's shoe? :P 

This is the one we went with (pictured above). Surprisingly I wasn't stressed at all about making relatively quick decisions. Normally I find stuff online, put it on hold, try it, maybe put it on hold again if it's $$. Not a marketers' dream. :P Not an impulsive buyer - unless it comes to food. 

Stopped by Kmart, great sale on jewelry. We bought a "few" things for eBay. :P Also found a lovely skeleton key pendent - I love those!

Colette, no one was working there. No service so we didn't buy anything. The girl there choose the role of security guard, instead of greeting customers watched suspiciously. 

Safeway, there's so many cheeses! Which one? Other than the normal ones: tasty, morz, Parmesan and boccancini, I have never bought any other one before. I was getting fig jam but forgot and got the fig yoghurt instead, though we did remember the brie. :) Which tastes like any cream cheese on toast :( but much better and more special on its own or with honey. Shall further explore cheese, hoping Thomas Dux has a tasting platter. 

Le beau & Adrian knows all about cheese, what to serve them with (diff types of wine) and grapes, jams, olives and all that. I did ask how le beau knew, partly expecting him to say the Internet. :P But alas no, he said their mother taught them, and likes to entertain often. With cheese and wine instead of deep fried won tons, money bags, spring rolls and soda. I wish I was born classy though honestly wasn't - but that doesn't mean we can't learn to be. ;)

Safeway had 50% off Halloween stock and we finally have a red cape!

As it's the first week on November and I was so busy here's some stuff from Halloween I wanted to share.

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